The Devil's Necromancer by Alexa Piper

Loved seeing a sweeter side to Lucifer.

The Devil's Necromancer Blurb:

Lionel, a necromancer and consultant for the Brunswick Police Department, wants nothing to do with immortals. Specifically, he wants nothing to do with Lucifer, who shows up on his doorstep one day with a ridiculous proposal. Lucifer, also known as the Devil, wants Lionel to be his pretend boyfriend. Except the pretend part is something the Devil doesn’t really seem to care for.

Lucifer has read enough romance novels to know that a good dose of forced proximity might be just the thing to get the stubborn necromancer he desires into his bed. The Devil’s plans are soon complicated when Lionel proves more uncooperative and oblivious to love than Lucifer could ever anticipate.

While the Devil wants to claim Lionel, all Lionel wants is to get away from Lucifer. Meanwhile, magic users are being murdered in the city. Lionel cannot escape the implications of those murders for long, and the case soon takes a different turn. Will Lionel be able to escape the Devil’s thrall, or will the necromancer fall for the immortal seducer?

Publisher’s Note: The Devil's Necromancer contains scenes involving dubious consent that some readers may find offensive.

Jacquie's Review:

I wanted to love The Devil's Necromancer more than I did, truly, and while I did enjoy it, the niggles stopped it being a 5 star.
Plus points - persistent and adorable Lucifer. Seriously, he seems amazing. Persistent without being overbearing and does have boundaries.

Grumpy Lionel, or Nelly as he was often called was great fun.

Trony and Tiamet as side characters - fantastic.

Niggles - I knew who the murderer was immediately. Also my eye twitched at every baby-cat fur mention. There were 2 on just the 1 page! These are just niggles and I really did enjoy the story in The Devil's Necromancer, so much so that I'll be starting book 2 tomorrow.