Stay With Me by Avery Adams

"It’s my theme song and I have a fragment of the lyrics tattooed along my ribs on my right side. It’s Stay With Me by Sam Smith. When did they add this to the jukebox?"  Jordan

From the blurb:

Sometimes I like to dress up like a girl and go out with my friend Julie on ladies night. It’s just a little flirting and a few free drinks in a bar. I’m not hurting anyone. Just having a bit of harmless fun. That is… until the night I run into Anthony DeJesus. Anthony is gorgeous, and sweet, and he pushes all the right buttons for me… but Anthony is straight so we can never be anything more than two ships passing in the night. On a whim after one too many Moscow Mules, I pull him into the ladies room. One sweet memory won’t hurt, right? Except… Anthony wants more… But can Anthony handle the truth or is he just one more strike-out in my search for love and acceptance?

Laora's Review:

Stay With Me is a quick, sweet novella but does have triggers for bullying of a genderfluid person is mentioned and takes place once on page.

Jordan, who has been bullied / rejected enormously when he was in school and later on because he does not fit the general gender mold, and Anthony are instantly in love/ attracted. But after that first meet in the bar it takes a lot of work and perseverance to come back to each other for real. To get their HEA. This story flowed naturally and was a quick and sweet read with a tiny sharp edge.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Stay With Me is available as an e-book and a paperback.