Review: The River Travellers by Mauricio Blanco Cordido

"Love is like a river. People will try to build dams or dry up the spring, but that river is stubborn and always seeks happiness...."- Mr Umberto Cano

From the The River Travellers blurb:

The setting could take place in any Latin American country. All that is needed is a forgotten town by the sea in contrast to the big city. The River Travelers is a novel that transports us to the inner world of Gabriel Cano, a young city boy who, along with his family, grows up under the shade of a coastal refuge built by his father. Unexpectedly, Lázaro, a local town boy, will take Gabriel on the journey of facing his true feelings and unravel the certainty of love, confusion and fear.

Laora's Review:

What to say about this wonderful book. The storytelling is so wonderfully done. It drew me in and before I knew it I finished this beautiful tale about family, relationships and love that finds its destiny even if it takes time. Highly recommend this book.

The River Travellers, for me is a general novel with an mm love story intertwined from about half way into the story.

Rating: 5 Stars

The River Travellers is available as a e-book and paperback.