Oblivious by Colette Davison

What happens when everyone thinks you're an old married couple... but you're just best friends... right?

From the Oblivious blurb:

Isn’t it obvious we’re just best friends?

Adrian is my best friend. We live together, hang out, and he’s the best cake taste tester I could want.

Hugs are the norm, along with cuddles while watching horror films. I need someone to protect me during the scary bits, so why not Adrian? He’s almost a foot taller than me, so he makes a good armchair too.

Life is exactly the way I like it until Adrian’s sister drops a bombshell that leaves me questioning everything I think I know about myself and my straight best friend.

Can one kiss change everything? I’m about to find out.

Oblivious is an M/M best friends to lovers novella. It’s a light and fluffy love story, with a double bi-sexual awakening, a little bit of heat and no angst. None. Zip. Nadda. There’s meddling family members and two sweet best friends who are totally oblivious about how much they really care for each other. Oh, and cakes. There’s lots of cakes.

Heather's Review:

How do you not know that what you have with your best friend is so much more?  Apparently both Adrian and Fitz are as oblivious as their book title implies... and it makes for a great opening to the book!   This book is incredibly sweet, low angst and pulls you right along for the ride that Adrian and Fitz go on to explore whether they are just best friends or if they're more...

As a novella, Oblivious is the perfect length - enough history and storyline to satisfy, while offering sweet and even a few moments of heat... there are touching moments, funny moments and as the blurb says - lots of cake!  

If you need a HEA for Valentines Day or any day for that matter, you'll find it between the pages of Oblivious

Rating: 5 Stars

Laora's Review:

"You're crazy." He grins. "Which is why you love me."

This is a Valentine novella stand alone story. And it indeed has zero angst.

This was so sweet both from the amount of cake variations mentioned 😉 as by the sheer love and sweetness between best friends and flatmates Adrian and Fitz. They are Oblivious to the fact that they seem like a couple to the outside world, until a family member points it out. They try with a kiss and discover they indeed feel more chemistry for each other. 

They work on redefining their relationship, what and how do they define their sexual relationship, without losing what they already have. The author mentions a bi awakening for both, but to me it felt more like a pan awakening, but I might project 😁. They of course find their hea.

Rating: 4 Stars

Oblivious is available as a Kindle E-book and is free to read on your Kindle Unlimited subscription