Cold Case Cupid by Pandora Pine

For fans of Pandora Pine's Cold Case Psychic series, she has a new spin off novella, Cold Case Cupid, that catches you up with so many of the characters - for Valentines Day!

From the blurb:

Love is in the air!

All of your favorite members of the Cold Case Psychic Universe are sharing what love means to them just in time for Valentine’s Day. Romantic love. Friendship. The bond between parents and children. Lost loves. What ifs and maybes. Tennyson, Ronan, Cope, Jude, and the rest of the gang are here to prove that there’s someone for everyone.

It’s Everly’s third birthday. The kids chow down on unicorn cake, while the adults muse over how love brought them all together. Truman and Carson teach Brian about true love, while Kaye Grimm and John O’Mara discuss their lost loves over a hotly contested game of Scrabble.

There’s a Monster truck rally. More cats than you can shake a stick at. An old-fashioned St. Valentine’s Day Dance. Laundry room sex and two guys literally falling head over heels for each other. A new baby is on the way and someone’s getting married! All while ghosts abound. Last, but not least, is a special guest you won’t see coming and you won’t want to miss.

Heather's Review:

I love that each chapter gives you a peek into the world of so many different characters - some spicy, some wholesome, some showcasing the kids and others definitely not kid friendly... It was a great way to catch up and also just reconnect with the various characters and series.  The book really doesn't standalone - you need to have some history with the series to really connect.

Rating: 4 Stars