Dream Bound by Arian Williams


"Because you're the love of my life and I just found you? And I'm so afraid you'll run away?"

Dream Bound Blurb:

JOON thinks he has his life figured out. He has a fellowship at a prestigious university. He’s made peace with the fact that he’d never feel love or attraction to another person. He is mostly content with his orderly life, despite the occasional pang of loneliness. Until one day, a chance encounter at a cafe turns his life sideways. Before he knows it, Joon gets caught up in a secret organization of individuals with special abilities. He discovers that his hitherto unknown and mysterious biological parents were time travelers. But most surprising of all, he finds a man he hadn't known he'd been dreaming about.

TREY has been in love with Joon all his life. Joon is his best friend, his soulmate, his everything. His life is complete; with childhood full of adventures, a membership in a secret organization, sometimes annoying but fabulous special abilities, and of course the love of his life. Except there is just a small problem. He's only met the love of his life through their shared dreams and his soulmate didn't remember him.

As they meet for the first time outside their dreams, their love for each other grows, but so does the darkness that casts a shadow over them. Together they discover hidden threats against Joon and the secret organization they belong to that can tear their love apart. Will Joon and Trey find strength within and with each other to fight against the darkness?

Dream Bound is Part I of the series set in the universe of a secret organization named Tasier. Part I’s adventure belongs to Joon and Trey.

Sheena's Review:

Well. I didn't know what to expect really when I started Dream Bound. Once I started though, I couldn't stop. I was so pleasantly surprised I needed to know what happened next with Joon and Trey. Joon hasn't had all that easy of a life so far, with extremely critical parents and always feeling like the odd one out and alone, always alone. I really felt for Joon, to be honest.

I also really liked the idea of Tasier, that there are people out there with abilities and a hidden organisation for them working towards good. Joon really was an intriguing character, and I loved getting to know him and his story. It's so very well done and such a gradual reveal that I was there with him all the way, and wanting to know more about his history, his relationship with Trey and Ash and I was looking forward to his abilities developing. I am hoping we find out more about that because that wasn't really developed in this book and I know the next book focuses on a different couple, but I really hope we aren't done with Joon just yet though, he has so much more to do.

The only reason Dream Bound isn't a full 5 stars is that I didn't like how much Trey babied Joon, always taking him into his lap, being overprotective and Joon just being quiet and letting it happen. I was waiting for Joon to come out of his shell and it never really happened. That's pretty minor though and honestly it tracks with Trey's personality and how their relationship is.

I'm so looking forward to the next one.

Rating: 4 Stars

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