Three Nights with the Manny by AJ Truman

Jacquie read Three Nights with the Manny, a prequel to the new series, The Single Dad's Club, that opens with The Falcon and the Foe and I contacted AJ Truman to see if I could share this freebie novella with you!

From the Blurb:

As a single dad, I needed a nanny to accompany my daughter and me on a three-day business trip. I asked the agency for the best. What I got was Shane: a tattooed, ripped-jeans-wearing ex-rocker with a smolder that could take the paint off a car.

Mary Poppins, he was not.

Each day, I’m trying to lock down the most important deal of my career. Every night, I find myself connecting deeper with the caring, wounded man under the ink. I thought once I had my daughter I was done looking for love. But if I’m not careful, by the end of the trip, I could lose my nanny and my job.

Three Nights with the Manny is a prequel to the Single Dads Club series launching January 2022. It’s filled with humor, heat, heart, and creative uses for baby oil

Jacquie's Review:

Three Nights with the Manny is a prequel to the new series, The Single Dad's Club, that opens with The Falcon and the Foe.
Fast paced, instant attraction and a decent amount of steam.
Both of the characters were likeable even when they made stupid mistakes.
I read this after book 1 and it made me want to read book 1 again 

Three Nights with the Manny is a free prequel novella available for download from book funnel - you are required to sign up for AJ Truman, but he won't be offended if you unsubscribe.

Rating: 4 Stars