The App & Flamingo Bar Series by JP Sayle

JP Sayle has taken her popular App series and the follow up Flamingo Series books and packaged them together to make reading them even easier and the final pairing Sam, Jake & Bailey Duo: MMM reverse age-gap romance (App and Flamingo Duo Book 3) -  released this week!

Our review team has shared their thoughts on several of the books, which I'm including here:

Book 1 - Scott & Luke's Duo: MM age-gap romance (App and Flamingo Duo Book 1) 

When The App brings two men together, can they find their Always More?

This is the duet of Luke and Scott from book one, The App Series and book one, Flamingo Bar Series, brought together for your guilty reading pleasure.

Autumn's Review of The App Book 1(the first part of the first duo)

The first book in The App Series, it's mostly about a boy looking for a daddy, who just happens to be new to the scene. This book is short, but easy to read in one setting. It's cute, fun and a light read. 

Heather's Review of Book 1 of the Duo

Scott and Luke are such an interesting dynamic - coming from their somewhat rocky start into a relationship where the Daddy is the one with more insecurity in the relationship.  The dynamic is steamy, the relationship develops quickly, but the simmer of doubt still lingers...  I really like how JP Sayle keeps this relationship interesting as they explore the dynamic, including the number of outside forces at work...

Book 2 - Sawyer & Boyd Duo: MM age-play romance (App and Flamingo Duo Book 2)

An overheard conversation, an app, and secret hidden desires, can these be the basis of a relationship? This is the duet of Boyd and Sawyer from book two, The App Series and book two, Flamingo bar Series, brought together for your guilty reading pleasure.

Red's Book Reads Review:

This is a super sweet introduction to Boyd and Sawyer’s story and I can’t wait to read the next book to find out what happens with their relationship. "Sawyer is a little who is looking for a daddy on The App - a new dating app owned by his friend. Boyd is curious about the lifestyle and meets Sawyer shortly after splitting with his partner. 

I loved how this book introduced both characters and detailed their backgrounds and personalities and I am looking forward to discovering more about them both in the next book. I liked the way the ending was a slight cliffhanger but wasn’t to angsty but leads you right into wanting to read more. "

The second part of the book covering Boyd and Sawyers story picks up exactly where the first part left off.

Sawyer is super cute throughout the book and I love how protective of him Boyd is as well. There are a couple of times I wanted to shout at them for not communicating with each other but everything got resolved in the end. I liked that we got to find out more about the characters from previous books as well as everything is interconnected - although I wouldn’t say you need to read the other pairings foe this to make sense. 

I liked the way that this story followed on directly from the first one and how you finally get the answers about who is sabotaging things. There were a couple of continuity issues that I noticed which bugged me. On the whole though they don’t detract from the story so you can overlook them. I think I noticed more as I read the books back-to-back. Overall I enjoyed this book and the storyline between Boyd and Sawyer. 

Book 3 - Sam, Jake & Bailey Duo: MMM reverse age-gap romance (App and Flamingo Duo Book 3)

Gay Romance / MMM / Age-gap / Younger Dominant / Puppy Play / Body Disfigurement / Second Chance Romance

Unrequited love, an App and a young Dom. Will the Dom have the ability to hold all three men together to make 3 their magic number?

This is the duet of Sam, Bailey and Jake from Book three, The App series, and book three, Flamingo Bar Series. Brought together for your guilty pleasure.

Red's Book Reads Review:

This is the third book in The App series and this one focuses on an emerging triad. Sam and Bailey are both ex-military and served together. Jake is an architect who worked on The Flamingo Bar. "I loved the contrast of Sam and Bailey being hardened military men who are both submissive at their core. There are a lot of issues still to resolve so am I really looking forward to the next book so I can see how Jake manages to take charge and show Sam and Bailey what they could be together. 

While you don’t need to have read any of the other books in The App series to enjoy this book, there is a lot of crossover of the previous characters as they are all interconnected. 

Part two in the story of Bailey, Sam and Jake shows the developing relationship between the three men. I loved how they worked together to overcome their various hang ups and join together in their relationship. I liked how Sam’s injury was dealt with and how accepting everyone was of the different needs each person had. The only downside for me was that some of the scenes were a little unrealistic but on the whole this was a super sweet story and finished the relationship arc really well.