Ten Things about Faith Ryan - An Author Interview

Are you ready to meet another amazing author?  Today I talked to Faith Ryan about her ten or more things... and I just couldn't stop asking questions so we definitely get to find out more than 10... let's hop right into the interview:

Indie or Traditionally published? - Tell us how this works for you...
Indie. I am in charge of everything to make publishing a reality for my stories. Which now that I think about it is kinda scary.

Plot or Pants? Do you pre-plot your books, use an outline, fly by the seat of your pants or some combination of things? How do you keep track of characters in a series? Do you keep a journal of your characters statistics, such as hair and eye color, relatives, hometown, etc.
I am a full-blown pantser. I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. On rare occasions, I’ll make a very sparse and simple outline. I use the notes app on my phone to keep track of names and characteristics and important things, but mostly everything is in my head.

Tell us about your first… published gay fiction/romance
Giving Up the Fight. It was a novella in a shared world with four other authors. I love Lennox and Tanner so much. I recently unpublished the novella so that I can turn it into a full length story, complete with new edits, cover, and title that I will hopefully be able to release later this year.
and then your most recent one..
Elastic Heart. Which ironically is also part of a shared world. This story however is not one with a happening ending. It took me a long time to actually write it because I knew it wouldn’t end with an HEA and I tried everything to change the story to fit an ending everyone would love. In the end, I gave Kreed the ending that was his.

Do you write full time or part-time?
Uh, technically I guess you could say full-time since I don’t have a job at the moment.

If you could invite 4 people (real or fictional, living or dead) to a dinner party, who would you invite and what would you serve?
Tom Hiddleston



Kage (from my co-authored duet Wicked Dreams and Shattered Dreams)

I can’t cook, so I’d probably just order pizza.

Something people would be surprised to know about you
I scored 99% introverted on the Meyer-Briggs test. INFP in case anyone is wondering.

Which character still pops into your mind to visit from time to time?
Kage. Hahaha. Nothing like a psychotic incubus stopping by to say hi.

Where do you write? Do you have a routine?
 On my sofa. I should have a routine, but I wouldn’t stick to it if I did.

What are your writing goals for the next year? The future?
 I have so many things to get out for next year, but my main goal is to finish and publish the Maxim novels.

What’s the hardest part about writing M/M romance or erotica?
Imposter Syndrome. This is what keeps me from getting word counts some days.

What else do you want us to know about you?
I’m a weirdo who loves Tom Hiddleston and Loki equally.

Who’s your biggest supporter/cheerleader?
My PA Ashley. Without her I’d probably have given up a long time ago.

What made you decide gay romance was the genre you wanted to write?
It wasn’t really a decision. My characters are queer because that’s just how the stories and characters are in my head.

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere. A lot of songs and memes.

What do you do if you hit a wall while writing? How do you combat writer’s block?
I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

What do your friends and family think of what you write; do they know?
I don’t have any friends other than my author friends, so...

What is your favorite thing about writing gay romance?
Everything, but I especially love writing about two men falling for each other hard, then fighting against it.