#TeaserTuesday: Saving Ziggy by Alex J. Adams

My review team was stalking me to know when they could get their hands on the review copies for Saving Ziggy by Alex J. Adams - and for those who aren't reviewing, how they can pre-order for release day on January 29th!

From the blurb:

Leaving home four years ago was the best thing I could have done. Selling myself on the streets for the past two years, the worst, but what else was I to do? All I truly wanted was someone I could love and someone to love me in return. Was it really too much to ask?

Meeting him, the most handsome man ever, I thought all my prayers had been answered…..until they weren’t.

That man was almost the death of me.

I survived though, it’s what I’d always done and now I needed to try and rebuild my life.

Marc saved me, was with me every step of the way, showing me that finally, good things can happen. He thought I was damaged, and I probably was, too many emotional scars that would take time to heal.

But Marc had them as well and together, I knew we can find the love we both deserved.

Saving Ziggy is a darker MM romance about a male prostitute and the paramedic that saves him.

Please heed the trigger warnings: This book features abuse, both verbal and physical and sexual assault.

Exclusive Excerpt:


“Lie still, please.” My voice was firm, but it made him listen. I softened my tone. “You’ll hurt yourself more if you don’t.” He looked over to me with his soft brown eyes, and I melted. There was such sorrow in their depths, and I wondered why he was here. Who’d done this to him and brought him so close to death?

Minutes later, we arrived at the hospital, and the rear doors of the ambulance were thrown open; a flurry of doctors and nurses congregated outside waiting for him to be wheeled out. The noise and commotion must have been overwhelming, and before I knew it, he’d gripped my hand, refusing to let go.

I squeezed it, letting him know I wasn’t going anywhere and walked by his side into the hospital. 

Bonus quote because it's pretty:

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