Strings Attached by Riley Hart

If you are looking for an age gap romance with humour, a dash of angst and a few twists and turns, than you'll enjoy Riley Hart's Strings Attached

From the Blurb:

I spent college worrying about responsibilities and earning my teaching degree, so before graduation and moving to Atlanta with my best friend, Ross, I figure I deserve a little fun. I’ve never been with an older man, but the guy at the bar grabs my attention and doesn’t let go…for multiple rounds, all night long.

The next day, when Ross introduces me to his dad, the last thing I expect is for him to be my hookup from the night before, in town from Atlanta for his son’s graduation.

The best thing would be to pretend it never happened, which is easier said than done. The more I talk to Harrison, the more I like him. We enjoy teasing each other, spending time together, and despite how successful he is, we both know what it’s like to have nothing. Neither of us wants a relationship, so when Harrison suggests a no-strings-attached fling, it’s perfect.

But between bills, worrying about Mom, and wondering how I thought I had what it takes to be a good teacher, Harrison’s always there, even when it’s hard for me to accept help.

Falling for Harrison wasn’t part of the agreement.

I don’t know how to trust, there’s a seventeen-year age difference, and he’s my best friend’s dad.

No strings attached has never been so difficult, because I’m pretty sure I want to be tied to Harrison for good.

Heather's Review:

Once again, another beautiful story from Riley Hart!  I absolutely love the chance meeting before realizing that your one night stand is your best friend's sexy and amazing father.  I absolutely loved the vibe of this book from the get go and the struggles that both Zander and Harrison have with their new found information and also the progression of their relationship.

This book combines steamy, sweet and full of banter!  The small amounts of angst were doled out in perfect amounts throughout the book and the pacing was excellent!

I personally loved just how free and open Harrison was and just how na├»ve, but worldly Zander was.  I also love just how entangled their strings became as the both resisted the ideas of strings at all.