Changling by Lee Colgin

Changeling is another great addition to the world created for this series.


Dominus—an incubus who runs a brothel called The Twig & Berries—is bored with his life and customers alike.

Sebastian—a changeling faerie swapped at birth for a human infant—is reeling with the knowledge of his true heritage. Unsafe among humans, he travels north to meet others of his kind.

BRut danger lurks, and when Sebastian is forced to hunker down with Dominus for safe harbor, the tension between them flares hot.

Sebastian is the only person that’s piqued Dominus’s interest in ages, but he’s fae. And Dominus has reason to despise faeries.

Forced together as trespassers infiltrate the territory, will enemies become lovers or will a curse keep them apart forever?


Changeling is an MM Paranormal Fantasy Romance featuring enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, a steamy love story, lamb on a stick, and surprise visitors from other novels. If you enjoyed Beneath the Opal Arc, this book's for you.

Tammy’s review:

Beneath The Opal Arc was the first book I read by this author and none of the books I’ve read since have been a disappointment. Great world building and strong distinct characters are something Ms. Colgin does well.

In Changeling, we meet Dominus who first appeared in Mongrel, and Sebastian. Dominus is an incubus and I absolutely love stories about this paranormal creature. Demon who feeds off sex? Um, yes please! And Sebastian is a Fae who didn’t know what he was.

They have their bumps of course, but I enjoyed their relationship developing and their eventual HEA.

Heat 7/10 (not super high, but definitely helped develop the relationship and the story)

Angst: 6/10 (some refusal to communicate, but it was in the right places)

World building: 10/10 (I can’t imagine the amount of research that went into this world)

Overall: 10/10 (would highly recommend)

Rating: 5 Stars

Tammy Aspen Tree E.A.S.

Jacquie's Review:

A sweeter, less sex heavy, incubus story

Changeling is a slower burn with Sebastian and Dominus separate for part of the book.

I adore the enemies to lovers trope and enjoyed the fact that Dominus was charmed by Sebastian despite their species ancient feud.

That being said, I found it harder to warm to Dominus which is why it's a 4 rather than 5.

I'd have absolutely read a novella about Sebastian learning magic and I loved everything about him and his journey.

This series is a gem and I can't wait for the next book

Rating: 4 Stars

Red's Book Reads Review:

This is the first book I have read from this author and I would definitely say this book can be read as a standalone although I understand that there are other books in this series. 

I loved the interactions between Dominus and Sebastian and the way Sebastian slowly worked his way into Dominus' heart. This book was out of my comfort zone as I don't usually read historical books but there was just so much detail and description in this book that it really worked for me and I didn't mind the historical element. 

I loved how determined Sebastian was and how despite his past issues, he was so pure and caring. I really enjoyed this and will make sure to look out for the rest of the series to read.

Rating 4.5 Stars

Amy_tbs' Review:

Changeling is an MM Fantasy Romance set in the town of Pest. Sebastian, naive to a world he belongs full with gargoyles, witches, nymphs, fae's and vampires. Sebastian seeks a safe haven but what he finds is an Incubus who has a hatred of fairies.

Dominus, an Incubus who runs a brothel called The Twigs and Berries. Jaded and disinterested in life and clientele, he longs for solace and a companion.

Sebastian, a changeling fairy abandoned at birth by his biological parents for a human infant. The only parents he has known sadly perished in a fire. He is forced to flee village folk wishing him harm.

Forced to seek safety at The Twig and Berries with the help of a vampire. Dominus, instantly captivated by Sebastian and the feeling is mutual for Sebastian too. What starts as instant attraction is thwarted by one minor detail.

Incubi despise fairies! 

Forced together with nowhere to go the unlikely pair find an adventure of truths, forgiveness/redemption and above all things love.

""I’d follow Sebastian through flood or fire if I had to""

""I’m drawn to him by an invisible force that always tethers us together""

Slight Enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, lots of steam! Lee Colgin knows how to bring the heat!!

A lamb on a stick loving Cat, Witches, Halflings, Changelings and an Incubus with an overactive tail.

Rating: 5 Stars

Changeling is currently available for e-book and paperback purchase through Amazon, and is also free to read with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.