Bo Next Door by Duckie Mack

On the heels of All The Stars, I was waiting in anticipation for Bo Next Door and it was definitely worth the wait!  

From the Blurb:

Ian enjoys the spotlight, the band, the fans—everything he’s worked hard to get. But very few people know the man under the fierce makeup and loud clothes.

Bodhi is excited for a fresh start in a new town where no one knows his past. Thanks to his hyper but lovable dog, Ollie, Bo runs into the hot and mysterious guy next door. His attraction to Ian is immediate, but dating his neighbor is a big risk.

Ian wants more than the casual hookups he’s been enjoying. Bo next door, with his crazy dog, makes him think it could be possible. Fame and notoriety bring challenges though, will it prove too much for Bodhi to handle?

Bo Next Door is an endearing story of love, trust, and finding someone who loves all of you. Sometimes the one you were hoping for is right next door.

The Love Bank Romance series features sweet LGBTQ love stories with a little heat.

Heather's Review:

Ian and Bo offer a sweet, low angst, low steam romance that explores gender expression, perception and trans issues in a New Adult setting.  For those who read romance for the heat, you'll probably find this too sweet, but if you read for the romance, you're in the right place...

I love the pace, setting and cadence of this story.   There is just enough sexual exploration in Bo Next Door to keep this adult romance reader hooked.  I also love seeing the tie in to All The Stars, with Ian introducing Bo to the Love Food Bank.  

Bo Next Door can be read standalone, but recurring characters that we met in All The Stars do appear in this book.

Rating: 4 Stars

SNik's Review:

When the sweet boy next door is a rockstar with a heart of gold underneath all the glam.  Bo Next Door is the second in the series (Love Bank Romance), but can be read as a standalone. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Musician Ian works hard as the lead singer Crow of the rock group Crow’s Nest and the group is on the cusp of becoming famous when he runs into his new neighbor Bo. 

Moving to new area with his super supportive sister, while working as an animal shelter technician, Bo is a transgender man hoping for a fresh start. There is immediate attraction between Bo and Ian and they move slowly through getting to know each other and share their vulnerabilities. 

Both Bo and Ian are likeable, kind and sweet, and there is no relationship angst beyond Bo having to learn to live with having a famous rockstar as a partner. 

This series so far has main characters that experience a lot of introspection and growth in order to create a relationship, and for patient readers the journey is worth it to reach the HEA.

Rating: 4 Stars

Miki J's Review:

Transformations, acceptance and love... this is a beautiful story of new beginnings and transformations. This book is about Ian (from Under the Stars) and his new neighbour, Bodhi. I’m not going to go into detail with the characters, just to say that they both are learning about themselves, their friends/family and especially about each other. The author has done an exceptional job on the main topic. This book is a great read – funny, poignant, romantic, understanding… has all of the emotional feels which does hit you in the heart. Do not miss out on this book !! 

Rating 5 Stars