Audiobook Review: Sweating Lies (Lies #1) By Emma Jaye, narrated by Jonathan Waters

Sweating Lies is a dark mafia romance that offers outstanding narration of a dark, often troubling, story

From the blurb:

“Gladiator or toy?” Kaspar asks, as if it’s the easiest choice in the world.
It might be an easy answer for someone branded, brainwashed, and who remembers no other life. But that’s not me, not yet anyway. I’m a cop—or at least I was until my cover got blown.
Now, I’m a captive on a ship; one of the trafficked people I vowed to save. Kaspar’s a toy —a pleasure slave— content to warm our sadistic owner’s bed; he laps up the abuse he’s conditioned to associate with affection.
He’s my only way out. To gain our freedom, I must play the hardest undercover role of my career and be everything his fractured mind needs: a more controlling bastard than the man who turns people into grateful slaves for a living.

Officer Jiao Sweatt thinks I’m a victim.
He has a lot to learn.

And it’ll hurt.

Jacquie' Review

Jonathan Waters has just joined my list of favorite narrators. I was blown away at the talent shown in the performance since there were so many characters to balance and each had their own voice. Sound effects were added and used liberally, which added to the ambiance.

Sweating Lies is dark and gritty. Not listed in the TW are mentions of rapes (plural) having occurred and the after-effects of this. I wouldn't say it is necessarily a romance though I can see the potential there. The main characters are morally grey for the most part and this will split opinions on them. 

This is the kind of book that you pick apart with friends and discuss. The backstory is pretty detailed and not spoon-fed so you have to pay attention. Left as an HFN and has me hooked for the second book, Splitting Lies which is also available on KU and Audible.

5 Stars