Ten Things about Kasia Bacon - an Author Interview

So excited to be interviewing Kasia Bacon today!!!   Since it's such a busy week for everyone, we'll jump right in!
Indie or Traditionally published? Tell us how this works for you…
Indie all the way. Somehow, it seems safer these days.

Plot or Pants?  Do you pre-plot your books, use an outline, fly by the seat of your pants or some combination of things?  How do you keep track of characters in a series?  Do you keep a journal of your characters’ statistics, such as hair and eye color, relatives, hometown, etc?
I’m a massive pantser. Definitely no outlines. A rough idea of the beginning and ending is enough for me to start writing the story. The rest comes during the actual process. There’s not much point in preparing outlines, given that I never stick to them. For me, it’s—at best—loose scribbles on post-it notes scattered around my desk. Which I might, or might not, look at later on. I thrive on chaos, even though it can get stressful.

Tell us about your first… published M/M fiction/romance 
The Mutt is a short story and the first book in the Order series that kicked off the entire Order Universe concept. For that reason, that book is super special to me. The Order series could be classified as fantasy military romance. It features hot and edgy Elven soldiers who prove that opposites do attract!  
and then your most recent one...

Loose Cannons--which came out November 29th! It’s the newest instalment in the Order Series--just a funny novella with an adventure and a sexy romp thrown in!

Something people would be surprised to know about you.
I’m addicted to Pip & Nut Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter. I obsessively read Chinese danmei webnovels. I love anime, Zumba and super spicy Asian food—the sort that makes you gasp for air. What do I absolutely abhor? Talking on the phone and having my eyes tested. Random, I know. 

What is the funniest scene you’ve written?
Humour is a relative notion. I, myself, subscribe to the dry, low-key variety—the kind that makes you snort or raise an eyebrow rather than guffaw out loud. My readers might disagree, but I think of the scene in which I have my aloof, cold-mannered and taciturn assassin confess his love to his partner (very reluctantly and all) as pretty funny.  

What’s the hardest part about writing?
Consistency and fighting procrastination. Focusing on one story at a time, too. Marketing and promo are two author tasks that I hate with a vengeance. 

Who’s your biggest supporter/cheerleader?
My close friend who also happens to be my alpha reader. She’s great at bouncing ideas off of and whipping my arse into shape when I slack off.

What made you decide M/M romance was the genre you wanted to write? Do you write other genres?
I feel that representation and diversity matters. While I write MM, I also have a FF couple and a few bisexual, pansexual and demi characters. My author tag line says, “LGBT Romance with Pointy Ears and Snark,” and it is exactly what it says on the tin! I don’t write other genres at this point. 

Where do you find inspiration?
Anime. Music. Nature. Everyday observations/conversations. Books by other authors. Dreams. 

What do your friends and family think of what you write; do they know?
Yup. They mostly think it’s pretty cool, I guess. And if they don’t, they haven’t said otherwise to my face, LOL.

How can we connect with you?
It seems I’ve written a selection of fantasy stories that a number of people choose to buy and read, completely of their own volition. Without any witchcraft or blackmail on my part. 
If you’d like to check out The Order Universe Books, here are some links and ways to connect!


  1. Excellent interview!! Kasia Bacon is a FANTASTIC Author. Her characters are snarky and hilarious at the same time. I was introduced to her Books in a group giveaway. Her work is AMAZING and her characters are badass and memorable long after the story ends. She leaves you looking forward to her next release.


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