#TeaserTuesday - The Warlock of Westland 2: The Witch of Westland: by Jack Brightside

Jack has kindly offered to let one of our reviewers start reviewing the series from the beginning so watch this blog for all the delicious details of The Warlock of Westland 1, coming soon, but for now enjoy an exclusive peek at The Warlock of Westland 2 - The Witch of Westland, which comes out on Thursday, December 30th! 

From the Blurb:

The warlocks prepare for eternity with their new apprentices. Kevin urges Sam to follow his dream of opening a dog park in Westland, and together they successfully lobby the town to accept their proposal. The cost of the park threatens to bankrupt the warlocks, so they begin a desperate fundraising campaign.

Things go wrong the night of the apprentice’s transformation ritual when the spell unseals Sam’s ex-wife, the evil witch Morgan. Sam has to explain his two hundred year old previous marriage to Kevin. Meanwhile, Morgan vows to sabotage the warlock’s dog park as revenge for Sam sealing her beneath the Westland woods. 

Encouraged by the apprentices, Kevin wrestles with whether he should still propose to Sam. Morgan will either strengthen their commitment to each other, or tear them apart.

This is a HEA, enemies to lovers contemporary paranormal small town male/ male romance. 
This is the second book in the Warlock of Westland Series
3. The Warlock of Westland 3

Exclusive Excerpt:

Sam followed Kevin into the backyard. Kevin stripped off his clothing with uncharacteristic disregard and was naked by the time they got to the patio. Sam turned on the firepit’s digital display and ignited the flames.

Kevin could get pretty much anything he wanted when he was naked, and he knew that. This was probably a calculated to move to make Sam forget about bewitching the Westland Inn and setting boundaries. So far, it was working. Sam let Kevin slowly undress him in front of the firepit.

Kevin wrapped an arm around Sam’s waist. Sam’s breath hitched. Kevin smiled against Sam’s ear and whispered, “I want you.”

“I want you, too,” Sam gulped. “But I’m not gonna let you steamroll me again. I’m smarter than I was two thousand years ago.”

Kevin bit Sam’s earlobe. Sam’s knees got weak, but he steadied himself, “You get to bewitch the villagers once a week, no exceptions.”

“Yeah whatever,” Kevin stepped back and unfastened the delicate gold chain around his neck. Although the warlocks could regenerate from burns in the fireplace, jewelry did not usually recover.  Kevin put the chain on the nearest piece of furniture. He used the opportunity to seductively bend over.

“I know how you think, Kevin. If this is part of some kind of manipulation, you can forget it.”

Kevin knelt in front of Sam. He looked up, pupils blown wide with lust.

Sam covered his crotch, “No! Last time I got complacent you built a throne of skulls.”

Nab The Warlock of Westland 1 right now and pre-order The Warlock of Westland 2 - The Witch of Westland for Thursday and watch for our reviews, coming soon!