Only One Bed by Keira Andrews

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I am an absolute sucker for several tropes and friends to lovers? Definitely high on the list. Friends to Lovers who have basically been dating for years and just never knew it? That's even higher on the list. I love oblivious idiots as a rule and Keira Andrews does a wonderful job with giving me one on a silver platter in Only One Bed.

From the Blurb

People joke that Etienne and I are boyfriends, but whatever.

Sure, I think about him all the time—he's my best friend. If I've missed him way more than I expected when he left to train with a new skating coach, that’s because he’s so easy to hang with. And yeah, he’s gay, but he’s not into me. Why would he be? I’m straight.

We're not boyfriends.

But now Etienne needs me, so I’m rushing to the mountain village where he's skating in a holiday show. That’s what best friends do.

I know Sam will never like me the way I like him.

Never love me the way I love him.

But now that my competitive skating career might be suddenly ending, I need my best friend by my side. Thank god Sam’s spending the holidays with me.

It's okay that he'll never love me back.

It’s okay that there's only one bed in this cozy little cabin.

We’re best friends. Nothing’s going to happen.

Only One Bed is a gay Christmas story from Keira Andrews featuring friends to lovers, forced proximity, bisexual awakening, first times, snowy holiday vibes, and of course a happy ending.


Sarah C's Review

The relationship between Sam and Etienne is written so incredibly well. From the beginning, you can believe that these two are best friends and that they have been for years. It doesn't matter that they haven't seen one another in person in awhile, due to Etienne's skating career. They talk on the phone and play League together at night. They are one another's person. Which means when Etienne needs Sam to come to him to a resort, Sam is happy to do so.

Unlike some friends to lovers, these boys do have a few awkward moments. The first kiss is delicious because of it. The times they're together are spent laughing and it just feels incredibly genuine. They don't instantly have everything together just because they give into the new realization. And Sam's bi-panic during his bi-awakening? As a bisexual reader, I felt so very seen.

This novella is told in a dual POV. Its very low angst and is fluffier than the fluffiest snowbank. The book was a quick and easy read and filled me with a lot of holiday joy.

Unrelated, but Henry and Theo are getting a book and after just having them as side characters, I'm already making grabby hands.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

When even your grandmother knows you're in a relationship, you should probably just wrap your head around your relationship, just sayin...  but even when everyone around is in the know, there are still awkward moments and fumbling as Sam and Etienne get together...

I really appreciated how quickly and clearly Keira Andrews painted the picture for us, but then she sat back and let the characters go at their own pace... Only One Bed was a sweet holiday novella because of that.. 

I also appreciated the Dual POV and the side character build up and can't wait to read Henry and Theo's book!

Rating: 5 Stars

Red's Book Reads Review:

This is a short but sweet story of two friends who realise they might be more. Etienne is a competitive ice dancer and has been in love with his best friend Sam for years. Sam is fiercely proud of his friend and wants to support him when he gets some bad news. What happens next might change both of their lives forever. I loved how the two interacted and how you got to see Sam work through his confusion and come to realise his true feelings. This was a short read but I really enjoyed it. I just wish it would have been longer as I want to know more! Can’t wait for the next book when we find out about Sam’s brother Henry though. 

Rating: 5 Stars


Miki J's Review:

This is a very sweet & adorable book to read. We have 2 friends with one of whom is in love with the other......who is also in love with the other !! The story is just the right amount of no angst, forced proximity, finally realising what's in front of them.....and Grandma is always right !!! The back story is handled very well know professional ice skating is ruthless and it is very well written into the storyline. Enjoy !  

Rating: 4 Stars