Not Just For Christmas by JJ Harper

When things go drastically wrong for news presenter Hunter he packs up and moves to Wales. Otto is a vet who struggles to find a partner willing to accept his commitment to his work and the animals under his care. Can an abandoned puppy help heal their wounds?

From the Not Just for Christmas Blurb:

Hunter has lost everything, including himself. Can Otto and Ajax help him find the joy of Christmas again?

After tragedy strikes, famous news reporter, Hunter Wiley, flees his London home and his successful career in television. In the hills outside a small Welsh town, he finds his refuge. Building his house helps him grieve, and for two years, he hides from everyone. He’ll be spending another Christmas on his own.
Until he finds a puppy, dumped in his woodshed.

Otto Markham used to be a player, but not anymore. He longs for a boyfriend, but they aren’t prepared for his long hours as the town vet. He’s resigned himself to being alone.
Until he gets a call about a bruised and battered puppy.

Not only Ajax heals under the vet’s loving care. Hunter feels safe with the man with the soft Welsh accent and the skilled, kind hands. Otto gives him the strength to let go of the guilt and the courage to move on.

The greatest love stories aren’t always easy, but they are the ones worth waiting for.

Not Just for Christmas isn’t a story full of tinsel and mistletoe, roaring fires, and sweet kisses. It contains lots of snow, hurt/comfort, a broken news reporter, a hard-working vet, and an adorable puppy with the heart of a warrior.

Please read the author’s note at the front of the book for TW.

Red's Book Reads Review:

I loved Hunter and Otto. I loved how you got a lot of their background in the lead up to them meeting so you really felt you understood where the characters were coming from with their approach to life and relationships. Not Just for Christmas was a whole new take on a holiday romance for me and I loved how different it was. While there is an element of insta-love, this is nothing like a holiday romance you have read before. There are some topics that people might find triggering so make sure you check first but a fantastic read nonetheless.

Rating: 5 Stars