His Boy to Tease by JP Sayle

His Boy to Tease is JP Sayle's contribution to this year's season of Naughty or Nice!  As part of the Cuff'd Santa letters prove Smithy and Jessie were meant to be from the start.

From the Blurb:

MM Christmas Romance / Age Gap / Enough heat to fuel a fire / An App that Grants Christmas Wishes / And a Big Tease

Dear Santa,
I lost my Christmas spirit some years back, but in February I met a boy with angel eyes. If you have the power to make dreams come true, please bring that boy to me so I can share with him the very heart of my being.
Ever hopeful, the man who asked you to clean his beard.

PS: I’ve a naughty list that would keep any boy happy for a lifetime.
PPS: I’ve a special room that my boy will fly in.
PPPS: He’ll be my everything.
PPPPS: I’ll stop now…maybe ��
PPPPPS: This is like a Cinderella thing, only one boy will fit.

Autumn's Review:

Welcome to season two of the naughty or nice series! His Boy to Tease, which can be read as a standalone, is written by JP Sayle. Although JP is a new to me author, I did greatly enjoy Smithy and Jessie. A sweet daddy/boy, just what Santa had ordered in time for Christmas. 

Jessie isn't a little, but a boy who needs a daddy to set boundaries and help him live to the best abilities. Plus, some touching to know just how important he is to his daddy. It always helps when Smithy is taken by the boy at first sight. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

I love the way JP Sayle builds her stories and His Boy to Tease is no exception.  She shapes the characters and peels back layers slowly, building and teasing out where they've come from and why they are who they are... and why the fit so well together...

This book is spicy, steamy and sweet in just the right measure - and I love the banter and teasing :-)  If you like a sweet but stern daddy and a mostly good, but sometimes naughty boy with an age-gap but no age play or heavy bdsm, you'll love Smithy and Jessie's Story!

Each of the Naughty or Nice stories can be read independently and do not feature recurring characters so they can also be read in any order...  We've already reviewed the first book - His Boy to Hold by GR Lyons and watch for our next review, Hayden Hall's His Boy To Restore, which releases on Friday!

Rating: 5 Stars

Red's Book Reads Review:

I am so excited that more authors have signed up to do a second season of Naughty or Nice books this year. This time it is the turn of the daddies to write their letter to Santa in the hopes of finding their perfect boy.  

This book totally hit me in the feels! I loved how accepting Jessie was of Smithy’s past and how he didn’t look to erase or ignore his experiences but incorporated his past into their future. I loved how strong Smithy was and how protective he was over Jessie and how he allowed Jessie to be just as supportive to him.

Rating: 5 Stars