Dear Daddy Please Hold Us by Colette Davison - Audio Review

Dear Daddy Please Hold Us is one of the original Naughty or Nice stories and with the release of Season Two, we're excited to review Michael Ferraiuolo's take on this amazing read:

From the Blurb:

Dear Santa,

If I could make one wish this Christmas, it would be for a daddy with a big enough heart for two. We both want a daddy who can be loving, but also firm when he needs to be, who enjoys spanking his boys and making their a--es red, and with big enough arms to hold us both.

We need a daddy who can help us let go and relax.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, we need a Daddy who can meet both our needs. I don’t have many boundaries as long as I can trust my Daddy, and I’m open to trying new things. Rett...well, he’s a little more reserved but he has a huge heart, and he’s the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet.

Here’s the thing, Santa: I have a little over a week to convince Rett to stay. I don’t know if you can magic up a Daddy who can love us both, but I’m making this wish anyway.

With hope,


Dear Daddy Please Hold Us is an MMM Christmas romance, with a pair of army brats, an Englishman in New York who knows how to handle them, a purple triceratops teddy, and lots of sweet cuddles.

Kate's Review:

Absolutely adorable—what a delightful MMM insta-love daddy romance! 

Sweet as sugar, with just a tiny dash of angst—a feel-good, creampuff read. I listened to the audiobook version, and the narration and pacing were all excellent. The narrator did a fantastic job with the accents—two of the characters are British—and it really enhanced the listening experience, as I could easily tell which character was currently narrating. 

But back to the overall review… Our boys, Zeke and Rett, have tried to make their relationship work for years—but sadly, as hard as they’ve tried to be what the other needs, they’re both boys. In a last ditch attempt to save the special connection they share, Zeke takes a chance by writing a heartfelt letter to Santa asking for a daddy to care for them both. Micah enters the picture, and he doesn’t disappoint. 

The story mostly centers around the triad becoming comfortable with each other and opening up, with a little bit of relationship drama around an expiring visa and a job promotion. The kink is fairly light, mostly revolving around spanking, toys, and blindfolds, and few scenes that involve breath play. It includes age play, with both a middle and a little. 

I did find myself wishing that Micah wasn’t quite so perfect—I like a daddy who has to do a bit of soul searching/work to give his boy(s) what they need. The middle also dragged slightly—it was like a string of seasonal activity followed by perfect sex, rinse and repeat. But those were my only gripes. If you’re looking for a Christmas romance where wishes are granted in the form of a Daddy with a heart big enough for two boys—Dear Daddy Please Hold Us is for you!

Rating: 5 Stars