Crowes Creed by Gianni Holmes

Crowe's Creed is the fifth and final book in the Smokey Vale series and it does not disappoint. It is just as full of mystery and intrigue as the previous books in the series and picks up right where Miles High left off.

From the blurb:

For the first time, Max has it all...and he intends to keep everything, even if it means encouraging his stalker.

Max has never had much in life, but his luck changes when he inherits a fortune from an ex-lover, a lucrative strip club, a ghost that knows his deadly secret, and a stalker fixated on Max. Focused on running the strip club, Max doesn’t have time for romance. He sure as hell isn’t counting on out-of-town biker President Crowe to turn his world upside down.

Crowe's arrival in Smoky Vale is all business...Get Grimm to join the alliance of bikers and help maintain the order of the Smoky Vale chapter. When he runs into Max, he feels desire—for the first time in years,. Unwilling to let that go, Crowe returns to a dangerous habit...stalking his prey. He'll do anything to protect Max, but Max must never know the creep who watches him from the shadows and kills for him is the same man who warms his bed and heart.

When the secret Max and Crowe hide from each other is revealed, will it destroy them or bring them closer together?

Crowe's Creed is a 100k+ outlaw biker romance with mild Daddy kink, a wealthy ex-stripper too jaded for love and a demisexual biker willing to go to extremes to keep the boy who makes him feel.

Trigger warning for mild mentions of torture, violence, drug use, human trafficking, child neglect, and endangerment.

Reds Book Reads Review:

When I first encountered Max in The Mortician I really didn't like him and I will be honest and say I was nervous about this book for that reason - but oh how wrong I was! This book really lets you get to the heart of what makes Max tick and why he is the way he is and I found myself absolutely feeling for him. Crowe was just amazing as well and so intense! It was nice how accepting he was of the changes in his life and I adored how he made Max the centre of his world - even if it was a little extreme!

As with all of the books in this series, there may be some triggers in Crowe's Creed for people so make sure you read the warnings. But if you like a dark MC series then you won't be disappointed by the world of Smokey Vale!