Convict Daddy by Aster Rae

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Bentley didn’t expect his new Daddy to be a six-foot-eight ex convict with a penchant for growling. Roman almost hit his knees when he caught sight of the curvy-licious boy who sasses him for ruining Christmas. Roman is more than willing to step in and be the Daddy Bentley desperately needs. Find out if Convict Daddy was a hit or a miss for Karla.

From the Blurb

Curvy boys need Daddies too.

Relationships aren't my forte.
I learned that lesson the hard way when a judge sent me to Rikers Island for defending my family's honor.
Boys can only bring hassle and pain.
Everything changes when I'm sent to the Christmas tree farm in upstate New York for my supervised work release.
The owner's twenty-year-old son Bentley is a beautiful curvy boy with a sassy side, but he's not excited to spend Christmas with a convicted felon.
He sasses me like a drunken elf in Santa's workshop who's had too much egg nog, and curses me out for ruining Christmas.
But when I realize that Bentley is only sassing me because he secretly needs a protector... I have no choice but to become his Daddy.

Warning: Not for those who don't like big growly Daddies with a sweet side, adorable curvy boys who like to be praised, loads of cupcakes and holiday treats, a Daddy who loves that his boy is curvy-licious AF, and a super sweet guaranteed HEA!

Karla's Review

Like fine wine: gets better with each book. A thrilling roller coaster of all the feels. You captured in Bentley the affects that body shaming can do (not to mention the the trauma of loss). It takes a lot to break down walls that strong. All the snark, the growls, the unconditional acceptance and love, and let’s not forget the action packed continual understory that makes Aster Rae a fabulous author. Oh! And the one-liners…I actually laughed out loud!!!!!

Rating: 5 Stars