Christmas at the Captain's Table - The Cruise by Romeo Alexander

 “I spent a large chunk of my life feeling as though there was some instruction manual to dealing with other people I’d simply never been given" - Everett

Everett: Despite a failed marriage—yeah, my own fault—I’ve been lucky in life. I’m captain of the largest cruise ship in the world, with two great kids and an amazing friendship with my ex. Now, all three of them are with me for the holiday cruise. Lexi’s photographer brother joining us was a bit of a surprise since I don’t know him very well. But he’s definitely easy on the eye and a distracting addition to the captain’s table. Of course, I’d never let Lexi know that, she’d be in matchmaking heaven. However, I was about to get to know Lucas a whole lot better... and everything was about to change.

Lucas: Sometimes, you have to get away from life in order to face it head-on. Well, that was the thought behind the last-minute decision to join my sister, niece, and nephew on a holiday cruise. My former brother-in-law being the captain wasn’t a big deal…until I started getting to know him. Wow! I never knew he was bi and I think I’ve found the perfect distraction. Now I have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year to figure out what’s going on between Everett and me…while keeping it a secret from my meddling sister.

Laora's Review:

I totally enjoyed reading Christmas at the Captain's Table. This is the last book in The Cruise series by this Roneo Alexander. This book can be read as stand alone. Everett, might be on the spectrum, the capatain, has his ex-wife Lexi,  and two kids on board, as well as his former brother in law, Lucas, who we did not meet that often.

Lucas and Everett are drawn to each other, partly because they both have had traumatic experiences in their past and from there on  their story develops.   I appreciated the humor and banter between all the characters. I took away from this story that you can be you, just a little bit better for yourself and your nearest and dearest,  if you put in the work.

Christmas at the Captain's Table is bi and gay, mm romance with a HFN/HEA