Summoned by J.P. Jackson

I know it's cliche.....but this is a great start for new series !! If you are looking for a new paranormal series, than keep reading for Miki J's Review of Summoned

From the Blurb:

Devid Khandelwal desperately wants to experience the supernatural. After years of studying everything from crystals to tarot to spellcasting, nothing has happened that would tell him the Shadow Realm is real. And that kills Dev. As a last-ditch resort, he purchases a summoning board, an occult tool that will grant him his ultimate desires.

Cameron Habersham is Dev’s best friend. Cam loves Dev like a brother and will do anything for him, as long as he looks good doing it. So when Dev asks him to perform the summoning board’s ritual, he reluctantly agrees, but he knows nothing will come of it. Nothing ever does.

However, within a day, Dev and Cam’s lives are turned upside down as wishes begin to come true. They discover the existence of a supernatural world beyond their imagination, but peace between the species is tenuous at best.

Dev finally gets to see the Shadow Realm, meets the man of his dreams, and is inducted into the local male coven. But for all the desires that were summoned into existence, Dev soon realizes the magical community dances the line between good and evil, and Cam ends up on the wrong side of everything.

The old adage is true: Be careful what you wish for.

Miki J.'s Review:

Summoned was intense and grabbed me from the start. Told from multiple POV's - the main ones are Dev, who believes in magic whole-heartedly and his friend Cam. There is the adage, be careful what you wish for.....and this book proves it !! It's not the usual "oh I've got magic" and romped about in fluffy rainbows, oh no, this story has teeth and with plenty of twists & turns. Summoned is the first book I've read from this author but I'll be back for more !!