Stubborn Boys by KM Neuhold

I teased myself all week with this book, being good and reading my ARC's in order and I finally got to start Stubborn Boys before I went to work yesterday.  Normally my Thursday evenings are quiet (I am the evening admin for a private rec center) and I get a chance to read... not last night of course ... my daytime counterpart left me enough data entry to fill my entire shift...  and by the time I came home I had a monster migraine... so I got up early this morning to devour it...

From the Blurb:

Alden has always liked a challenge, and what could be more difficult than not one, but two stubborn boys?

Five years ago the military returned me home short one leg with scars covering one side of my body. I learned to live with it, I built a new life for myself, and I found a way to love the new body I was given… there’s just one thing I can’t accept.

I have no right to want someone as vibrant and beautiful as Nolan, not when a very vital part of my anatomy doesn’t want to work anymore. What use would a man like that be to him?

Alden can’t seem to stop meddling between the two of us, and I hate to admit it, but there’s something about him that manages to fix what’s broken in me.

Has anyone else ever developed a Daddy kink after getting blown to smithereens, or is it just me?

More importantly, are the three of us going to be able to find a way to fit together?

Heather's Review:

I have loved the entire Perfect Boys series, but I honestly can say that Stubborn Boys is my favourite out of the three!  

Timing is everything and KM Neuhold has the timing and pacing of this book set like clockwork.  The book flows beautifully and you are sucked into Alden, Nolan and Gannon.  It's written from all three perspectives and their voices shine through.  

I love how selfless each of the men are and how that translates into how they interact in the story.  I love how they put each other first and the conversations that take place around their relationships.  KM Neuhold always writes polyamory well and with the added daddy kink, you get the most delicious story.  

Speaking of Delicious - I thought my kindle was going to melt down a few times... steamy, sexy threesome scenes alert...

If you haven't already guessed, I gave Stubborn Boys 5 Stars.  This book can easily be read alone if you're looking for a polyamory story with some kink, but since the characters from the first two books in the Perfect Boys Series pop up frequently, it was nice having the background of their HEA's.