Reformed by C.F. White

Will Micky and Dan finally find their hea/hfn l tigether with Flynn? Or is the interference of others and their own insecurities to damaging? See what Laora has to say in her review of C.F. White's Reformed.

From the Blurb:

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Someone has to be responsible.

Micky O’Neill and Dan Peters now live in Wales, bringing up Micky’s disabled little brother away from small-minded Heathwood and close to Micky’s deceased mother’s family.

Things are fine…until Dan begins his dream career as an English teacher at the local school and Micky, main caregiver to Flynn, is isolated in a village that only serves to remind him of his mother’s absence.

With Flynn’s health deteriorating and his needs becoming more complex, everything is tested to its limits and Dan seeks solace in a friendship with a fellow teacher, sending Micky into further turmoil.

After an accusation is leveled against Micky and it seems he’s slipping back into his old ways, he and Dan are torn. To repair the rift, both have to accept responsibility—for life.

Laora's Review:

The author did a great job in writing this amazing series. All the main characters are so well written. I just love Flynn, he is so true. Micky has not had an easy life as and has not made the best choices Dan has a big heart and wants to care and find his true calling in his life. The storyline is so believable, even after all the changes it is not just sunshine and roses. Micky and Flynn move to the birthground of their mother together with Dan. The men are who they are and need to work on themselves and their relationship. I highly recommend this book and the others in the series.

The books have recently been released in audiobooks with an excellent narration by Piers Ryman. This is an excellent narrator, I know him from earlier books by this author. The narrator, I think, is British and is a great choice for this British series. He finds the right interpretation for each character. I especially like a certain very speedy part in the second book.

Trigger warnings do apply for the whole series.

Rating: 5 Stars