Off Limits by Riley Hart

Spoiler alert:  This book takes place in the same universe as the Atlanta Lightning Series, so expect to see some character crossover!

From the Blurb:

It started out as a little fun. When there was a man in my building on a hookup app, why not message him?

Only we didn’t meet. We just texted—one night after the other, after the other.

GoodWithHisHands was the perfect escape from my life, where pressure was always on my shoulders: my father’s expectations, the worry about my sister, Maddy, getting sick again and her ex-husband, Ryder Lynwood, suddenly back and volunteering at the same hospital as me.

It would have been smart to keep my distance from the man who came out as gay, tearing our close families apart and breaking Maddy’s heart. Except Ryder intrigues me. I like talking to him, same as I enjoy chatting to GoodWithHisHands.

They weren’t supposed to be the same person.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for him. To want him. To need him. Maddy didn’t deserve to get hurt again, and I didn’t need another reason to feel like an outsider in my own family. Ryder was off-limits. I knew that. Still, I couldn’t make myself stay away.

Off Limits is a sister's ex-husband romance with banter, feels, and two men who are perfect for each other, even if they shouldn't be. There's no cheating, and I promise, it's not as angsty as it sounds.

Heather's Review:

Riley Hart is a one-click author for me and once again she didn't disappoint!  Off Limits was a slow burn that built steam in multiple ways and incorporates meet cutes, texting and eventually sexting.  I wasn't sure whether I would be put off by the whole sister's ex-husband thng, but honestly it was well handled and the flow of the book made sense, even with that external angst.  There was surprisingly little relationship angst between Ryder and Hutch... although I can't say the same for what I hope is the impending sequel featuring Hutch's friend Isaac...

If you're looking for a good second chance romance featuring two mature guys who find each other through multiple methods and you don't mind a slow burn and excellent worldbuilding, I suggest you check out Off Limits!