Ghost of Christmas Past by Pandora Pine

You know you've found an amazing writer when you come into a story in the 11th book and you still feel like you've sunk into a book you can completely relate to... I was lucky enough to join Pandora Pine's ARC team through a connection I have with a fabulous PA and the first ARC I received was Ghost of Christmas Past, which I later discovered is part of a long continuum - Haunted Souls...

From the Blurb:

When private detective Jude Byrne took his first breath, his mother, Carol, took her last. Told his mother cursed him with her final words, Jude has never been interested in connecting with Carol. As far as he is concerned, his life is perfect with his husband and son.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is surprised to find the spirit of Carol Byrne standing in his kitchen a few days before Christmas. Jude’s estranged mother pleads for one chance to speak to her son and make amends. When Cope tells Jude his mother’s request, his husband is shocked by her audacity but strangely curious all the same.

Agreeing to a tentative meeting, Jude faces the fact that he might not know the entire story. With the help of his family, friends, Jude takes the first step toward forgiveness.

Will the magic of Christmas help Jude and his mother find peace? Or will Carol Byrne fade into the background as the Ghost of Christmas Past?

My Review:

As I said, this is the first Haunted Souls book I've read and it's made me desperate to go back and find out the backstories of all of the couples who feature as side characters in Ghost of Christmas Past, and also to discover how Jude and Cope actually got together... but surprisingly, even without knowing anything going into this story, I was able to follow and relate to the characters... and I loved every second of the book!

I love how the book is rooted in the concept of family and found family and how interconnected all of the characters are to each other... without spoiling anything, this book gives all the feels and runs you through all of the emotions - particularly Jude's emotions.  While it revolves around Christmas, it also deals with long buried secrets, past hurts and introspection that was riveting... 

Whether you take up my recommendation to read Ghost of Christmas Past as your first foray into Haunted Souls or if you've been following the series from the beginning, you won't be disappointed!