Exhale by Sophia Soames

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Sophia Soames allows us to dip our toes back into her London Love universe in her novella, Exhale. Catch up with the family in this quick tale of instalove and happily ever afters.

From the Blurb:

What do you do when your relationship falls apart? Well, you bury yourself in a deep hole of grief, one you have so carelessly dug for yourself. Jamie Walters needs to find a way out of the mess his life has become, but the way forward is not as straight as he thought it would have been. What's the point anyway? Women are off the menu but Jamie still wants the entire textbook fairy-tale. The romantic dates and the flowers and holding hands in the dark, and Grindr certainly isn't the place to find your happily ever after...

Catch up with Jamie and the rest of the Walters family in this sweet little insta-love fairy-tale where Jamie finally gets his happily ever after, Originally published as part of the Love is All Anthology, Exhale has been reedited and extended to the quirky little fairy-tale it was always meant to be.

London Love 1.5
Exhale is a standalone novella but is best enjoyed after reading Breathe.
Trigger warnings: Brief mention of pregnancy loss.

Sarah C's Review:

Exhale introduces us to Jamie and Leo, two men desperate for a fairy tale romance in a world that tells them that happily ever after is for everyone else.

They meet up on Grindr and have an instantaneous connection, one that burns hot and bright. There is not a lot of tension between these two men, despite the stuff that they work up in their own heads. It is a cute and quick story about instalove and making your happily ever after.

There are a few things I would've liked to see more of: their relationship is a big one. I think I would've loved to see more of the growing pains that were referenced in the book, but unfortunately the novella format does not allow for that. I would've liked to get to know a little more about the characters as well, because Soames writes such amazing and beautiful characters that always leave me wanting to know more about them.

I loved seeing the rest of Jamie's siblings again. I loved seeing all of the beautiful and bright characters from Breathe and getting the quick update on Luke and Ryan from book one.

This book is very low angst and a lovely quick read. It can be read as a standalone, but I think you'll find a lot more enjoyment if you've read book one of the series.

Ratings: 5 Stars