Daddy's Military Boy by Amarra Skye

For me, Daddy's Military Boy was a book that had so much missed potential and it just didn’t quite hit the mark for me. It had the makings of a dark and kinky book and then tailed off into something much tamer and more socially acceptable.


Hendrix knew when he enlisted, he was throwing away a chance at love. Who would

want a little who was gone for a year at a time and wouldn’t be able to come out until retirement? When he meets Soren, the sexy billionaire Daddy designing the software upgrades for his fighter jet project, he realizes how fiercely he wants a daddy. Can Hendrix fight to overcome his training or will it cost him the only Daddy he ever really wanted? Hendrix The Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, as well as a secret little, has always been able to put his career first. He’s spent the last decade determined not to dwelling on what he can’t have. When a job sends him to Denver to work with the software designer from Crash, all his best laid plans seem to crumble. Can he get out of his own way long enough to keep from ruining the best thing he’s ever had? Soren The head of the software department at Crash, one of the largest Tech companies in the US as well as one of the Doms at the Phoenix Kink club, has never given much thought to having a little to call his own. When he meets the strong, smart, and confident little who the Air Force sent to liaise about the software project, Soren can’t help but fall for the buttoned-up military man with the sweet smile and a little side a mile wide. This story contains Daddy Dom/little boy, RACK, BDSM spanking, mentions of diapers not used, but mentioned, mentions of rape past tense and off-screen.

Red's Book Reads Review:

So I think this is 3.5 stars from me. I loved the concept and the whole premise of the story but it just didn’t fully work for me. There were some simple issues like the timeline not fully making sense and things like that but the ending also felt a little rushed as well. I would also have liked a little more action between the two main characters. There was this whole build up of all the different kinks they had and all the things they wanted to do and try and it all sounded so promising and then there were only one or two scenes and so much of the previous build up just went nowhere and I felt a little cheated really. There was just so much more potential in this one for me.