Book Blog Hop - Least Favourite Social Media App

Once again I'm participating in the Book Blog Hop, hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer...

What is your least favorite social media app, and why?

Submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews.

I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok...

Honestly, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with apps - I prefer to do everything from my computer and so that probably makes Tiktok my least favourite app - just because it's the one that has the worst browser presence... I really do need to move the media I want to upload to tiktok to my phone and load it from there, adding time and complexity...

That being said, Tiktok is my most popular way to get content out there - I have over 700 followers and some of my videos have been viewed more than 1000 times - which for niche content is pretty good...

I love Facebook because of groups - the MM Romance Reviewed Group and the author groups I belong to are so fabulous, and I actually made a profile specifically to interact with authors and other M/M Romance Readers - Heather MMRomanceReviewed.  

Instagram is another one that I post to quite a bit and it is one that I find easiest to search for new authors by #hastags.  I am starting to evolve into using more Instagram functions like Stories, Reels and IGTV... As of this post, I'm at 199 followers so it's one I need to put more work into networking on...

Twitter ... is my guilty pleasure because they allow NSFW content, but I also use it to promote blog posts!  I also love it because it's the easiest to share and quote posts on!

One gadget that I've found helpful as I'm building my blog is - so if you're ever looking for how to get in touch with me try there!

PS - we changed the look of the blog and got a new logo... what do you think?


  1. Love the logo! I love twitter for the NSFW content but hate it for visibility

  2. I haven’t made the leap to Tik Tok yet lol.. I keep thinking about it but not doing it… we’ll see
    Love the logo!!!


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