Blackbird by Mia Kerick

"You made this bed, Cole".......

The second book in Mia Kerick's If I Fell series, Blackbird, is an emotional journey to happily ever after. 

From the Blurb

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Sequel to Hide Your Love Away (If I Fell Series, book 2)

Timmy and Cole’s angsty love story continues…

Last year, in Timmy Hale’s junior year at Edgewater University, he set his romantic sights on Colton “Cole” Ledger—a burly and sometimes over-protective dormitory maintenance man. Cole soon had it bad for sleek and snarky Timmy too, and—despite a bumpy road (a frenzied stalker and an uncooperative son)—before year’s end they’d found love. Now, in Timmy’s senior year, the couple has left the dormitory behind. Cole is back to running his own custom construction company, and they’ve turned an antique Victorian home into a love nest. For a while, life is good.

But insta-love comes at a cost, and for Timmy and Cole it’s steep. Cole’s doubts haunt him: he’s almost certain he’s too old for Timmy, and that he’s pushing him into a life he’ll eventually resent, keeping him from spreading his newfound wings and taking flight toward his best future. Acting on his fears, Cole pressures Timmy to accept an internship in Manhattan—far from the home they’ve built together. He means well, but Timmy feels like a baby bird kicked out of the nest too soon.

Tensions rise until fear, resentment, and desire draw Timmy and Cole into explosive conflict. When the dust settles, will Timmy wing away like a young blackbird, or return to nest with Cole in their happy garden home?

For maximum enjoyment, Blackbird is best read after Hide Your Love Away.

Miki J's Review:

Wow ! There's not happy ever after book 1, but it was definitely in this book ! 

It's amazing with a bit of manipulation and lack of communication can cause a massive disruption in what seemed to be a solid relationship. My heart was in my mouth for most of this book and tears in my eyes....I mean seriously Cole !! and Timmy, jeez louise......but Robbie, maaaaan.....humph. I'm not going to spoil it - it's a great read and does end with HEA. Yes, plenty of angst, drunkenness (I mean ALOT !!), clueless bewilderment from one and lack of confidence in the other.....but thankfully it ends with a lot of heart !

Rating: 5 Stars