Bandit by Brooke Matthews

 “Love is many things, but selfish is not one of them.  Love is endless.  It is infinite”

From the Bandit Blurb:

Bennett Fields has a secret. But then again, who doesn't?

When tasked with retrieving the talisman belonging to one of Mercy Height's most dangerous supervillains, Bennett finds himself dealing with more than he bargained for. He never planned to catch the attention of Mercy Height's youngest police chief, nor did he expect to crush on one of the city's most elite, and albeit, arrogant superheroes.

But dimples and cocky smiles might just be his kryptonite. Because despite the danger, despite every fiber of his being warning him it's wrong, Bennett can't seem to stay away from the two men who make him feel alive.

However, when things turn bloody and millions of lives are at stake, Bennett knows he needs to fix his mistakes. But by doing so, he risks ending his career, his relationships, and possibly even his life. He knows how this story will end if the truth is revealed.

Because everyone knows the Villain never gets a happily ever after.

**Bandit is an MMM superhero/supervillain romance with an HEA. There will be descriptive and mature themes like gore, smexy scenes, a dash of kink, death, some seriously morally ambiguous characters, grief, etc. If you have triggers, please be cautious reading**

Miki J's Review:

Ok, super-hero & villians story…..but not in the usual way.  This story is intense, violent, action-packed, gritty and so so funny.  I really loved this book – told from 1 POV – Bandit – who is a villain with a heart of gold.  But don’t let that fool you – won’t hesitate to get down’n’dirty.  But reading from his “normal” POV – he’s adorable.  I loved the banter between him and his “family” and anyone else he meets.  That dinner party…..accidental food poisoning….I haven’t laughed like that for ages !!  And then there’s the attraction to Nick & Charlie and trying to sort out his feelings, what’s right & what isn’t…..not so easy.  And they go through up’s and downs and ups and then some major downs….I ugly cried.  As I said – this book is intense….very intense but oh so enjoyable !! Can’t wait for Book # 2.

Bandit is a MMM menage and the action/violence is graphically described.  Also, there is on page PTSD for one of the characters. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Molly Otto's review:

It's not an easily earned hea, that is for sure. But is that a surprise when you put together a villain, a superhero, and the chief of police together? Each of these men holds secrets from the other that you can understand why they make these choices, but oh boy, when they come to light, the devastation is palpable.

What they all need to learn not all supers are good as well as not all villans are bad it's just the choices you make for what you believe is the right thing. Together, the chemistry is explosive once they can get along. Yes, the relationship isn't perfect, but really, are any? The hea is well earned and beautiful. it just took a decent amount of pain to get there.