Audiobook Review: Tristan by S. Legend, narrated by Curtis Michael

Tristan is a fantasy novel with a side of BDSM...and the audio will draw you right into the story!

From the Blurb:

The dark pleasures of being mate to an elf: Tristan dreams of the day he will succeed his father as the next Warlord of Markaytia, until, the elves of Mortouge offer the Markaytians a rare alliance between their two kingdoms. In exchange for this alliance, the elvin royalty request an arranged marriage: Tristan to their son, Prince Corrik. 

Tristan is devastated to lose his future title as Warlord and his destiny, but duty obligates him to accept the advantageous union and leave his beloved homeland, forever. Soon, Corrik introduces Tristan to the darker side of being mate to an elf, attempting to teach Tristan the ways of his erotic culture. 

As Tristan struggles to let go of his old life and obey his demanding, possessive husband, he learns he can fall in love and have a Master at the same time. This is a male/male, erotica, spanking and domestic discipline series, set in a fantasy world. Explore a spectrum of sexualities, from severely dominant to super bratty!

Jacquie's Review:

I loved reading the book so had to pick up the audio. The story has sat with me a while and I've picked up book 2 because I need to see where this goes.

For the audio the narrator captures Tristan's spirit and slightly bratty nature well and I liked the teasing voice of Deikin.

Second time around has highlighted Corrick's nature and I like him less now because of that, not that I loved him first time around. Compared to Bayaden later, Corrick is almost abusive. He's not a good Dom at all.

The author message at the start highlights that this series doesn't follow safe and sane practices but I'd have liked to see some of it but the contrasting styles of Corrick and Bayaden do show the differences.

Tristan is just as addictive than the first time with the audio working well to draw in the listener. 

Rating: 5 stars for story and performance