Against All Odds by Ivy Penn

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Ivy Penn tells an emotional tale about the long lasting affects of bad parenting and the beauty of a second chance in her novel, Against All Odds.

From the Blurb:

Jeremy Parks has been hiding who he really is from his family for most of his life. His best friend kissed him when they were in middle school and it ended with Andrew moving away. Now their paths have crossed and there's no reason not to be be together except Jeremy will need to step up and admit his feelings. It's his time even if it's Against All Odds.

"... My whole life I've had to hide who I am. My family doesn't know. My friends don't know. Except one. We were in middle school and he was my first kiss. It ended with me in the hospital and Andrew moving away.
Now he's back in my life and I don't know how to let go and admit who I am - let alone admit I'm in love.
Sometimes you have to go against all odds to really live. ..."

*Trigger Warning - there are memories of past abuse and derogatory language.**

Laora's Review:

Against All Odds the third book in the series, first two are not MM, but I did not find that I was missing information in order to understand this book. Jeremy and Andrew were friends when they were teens and started to discover themselves and each other. However Jeremy's dad was abusive and made sure Jeremy was unable to see Andrew again.

Fast forward many years and they meet by chance and start the friendship up again. Jeremy is still 'in the closet' due to the fact he is so traumatized/damaged by his late dad behaviour that he is not yet confident to be his true self. Andrew has been 'burned' before and has to decide what to do.

I found that the writer did an excellent job in creating a very real story that is well built and structured main and side characters are all 'fleshed out' to well rounded persons.

Trigger warnings do apply as mentioned by the author.  

Rating: 5 Stars