A Pankcakes Kind of Morning by MA Innes

Who would have thought that overhearing a shared conversation could change an entire relationship? James may be an older man, but sometimes that doesn't mean wiser... find out all about it as Autumn reviews A Pancakes Kind of Morning:

From the Blurb:

Sometimes losing your job is the best thing that can happen.

When Elliot’s left without a job or a plan for what should come next, he thinks the universe might be trying to tell him something. Luckily, his best friend’s father is right there with advice and whipped cream-topped pancakes to make everything better. But what James can’t help with are Elliot’s feelings and the way he longs to be more than friends with the tender man—the man who Elliot knows would make the perfect Daddy.

James has been careful to keep his relationship with his son’s best friend innocent and friendly, nothing more, even if the wide-eyed cutie is everything he wants in a man…and possibly everything he wants in a sub. But when an overheard conversation between the two best friends changes everything, James has to decide if he’s ready to put it all on the line for the sweetest sub he’s ever met.

Author’s Note: While A Pancakes Kind of Morning is book one of the new series, the prequel is currently in the Dirty Daddies 2021 Anniversary Anthology. The prequel is Ryker (James’s son) and Corey’s story, but you don’t need to have read it to enjoy this book.

Autumn's Review:

MA Innes always brings new things to light. While some things are not the normal type of reads I'd find myself enjoying, I do find something intriguing all the same. 

James, while being bi, and a daddy dom on top of it, never seems to have the best luck in partners. With the thought that his son's best friend was always to be off limits, James never thought he could have a happy ever after. But, of course that all changes when he over hears Elliot and his son talking through an open window. That alone changes everything. 

I loved how Elliot is able to let go and be himself. I hope to see more of him in other books,  since MA Innes always brings her characters back in some form. 

I definitely recommend checking out A Pancakes Kind of Morning!