Total Creative Control by Joanna Chambers and Sally Malcolm

What happens when a fan goes to work as the PA for the show runner of one of his favorite shows? Find out by reading Total Creative Control by Joanna Chambers and Sally Malcolm. 
From the Blurb:
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Sunshine PA, meet Grumpy Boss ...

When fanfic writer Aaron Page landed a temp job with the creator of hit TV show, Leeches, it was only meant to last a week. Three years later, Aaron’s still there ...

It could be because he loves the creative challenge. It could be because he’s a huge Leeches fanboy. It’s definitely not because of Lewis Hunter, his extremely demanding, staggeringly rude ... and breathtakingly gorgeous boss.

Is it?

Lewis Hunter grew up the hard way and fought for everything he’s got. His priority is the show, and personal relationships come a distant second. Besides, who needs romance when you have a steady stream of hot men hopping in and out of your bed?

His only meaningful relationship is with Aaron, his chief confidante and indispensable assistant. And no matter how appealing he finds Aaron’s cute boy-next-door charms, Lewis would never risk their professional partnership just to scratch an itch.

But when Lewis finds himself trapped at a hilariously awful corporate retreat, Aaron is his only friend and ally. As the professional lines between them begin to blur, their simmering attraction starts to sizzle

… And they’re both about to get burned.
Sarah C's Review
When Aaron interviewed for the PA position for the showrunner of his favorite show, Leeches, he planned on being there a few months tops. Three years later, he is still serving as the grumpy Lewis's PA - but also helping with script tightening and keeping things within the realm of canon on Leeches. He is also, quite possibly, in love with his boss.

Total Creative Control was my first outing with either of these authors, and it will not be my last. This romantic comedy in book form hit all of my buttons. Aaron and Lewis are a perfect complement for one another. Aaron isn't quite sunshine, but he knows how to handle the storm cloud that is Lewis. And Lewis admires Aaron for his competance, his creativity, and what he brings to the time they spend working together on Leeches.

However, because it is a romantic comedy on a page, there are quite a few mishaps. The biggest of which is Lewis's staunch rule that he does not hook up with his employees. He lays this down immediately in the interview upon realizing that Aaron is also gay. After three years working together, this becomes a hard line to toe - especially as he lets Aaron get more hands on with the show and as they work on developing a US version that slowly fails to resemble the show they're both so passionate about.

This book has some amazing angst, without becoming overburdened in it. The angst level fits the romantic comedy genre the book so effortlessly fills. The plot is a bit formulaic, but that didn't stop me from lapping it up and refusing to put it down. The characters were amazing - everyone from the two mains to the himbo barista, Tag, to the infuriatingly punchable Charlie. All of them felt incredibly real in their purpose. (I would've liked to see more of Lewis's brother Owen and their relationship, but that's due to a personal weakness for platonic and familial relationships in books and has no bearing on my ability to enjoy a good novel.)

All in all, this was an amazing office romance with a side of fandom appreciation.

I will not only be reading other books in this series, but I will be revisiting Total Creative Control as well. 
Rating: 5 Stars 

Sheena's Review

"Because when you respond to a story through fanfiction, or fan art, or whatever floats your boat, you become part of a community. Part of a conversation with other fans"
This was a kind of unexpected delight. I've read books from both authors before, separately but working together, this was great. Lewis is a writer for a popular TV show, Aaron gets a temp job as his PA and also writes fanfiction for said show. Cut to 3 years later and Aaron's temp job has turned permanent and into Lewis' right hand person. Oh, and he's also hopelessly in lust with Lewis who is oblivious both to the fanfiction and Aaron's feelings.

This is grumpy/sunshine, boss/employee trope but it's brilliantly done. Both Lewis and Aaron are great characters in their own way even though I want to yell at Lewis more than once for being so damn oblivious to everything. Charlie is a great antagonist too, he's such a douche that I couldn't help but hate him (because really we all know a Charlie). I liked the dialogue, the interaction between Lewis and his brother, and Lewis and Aaron and the supporting characters are great too.

The story fairly moves along and I'm sure either or both writers have been involved in fanfiction in some way because they get it. I loved Aaron standing his ground, too often I get irritated that one of the characters bends too far to the will of the other but these two felt evenly matched all the way.

I loved Total Creative Control and as I understand it's the start of a series. I'm here for it.

Rating: 4.5 Stars rounded to 5