The Secrets We Keep by Logan Meredith

The Secrets We Keep by Logan Meredith is not a happy fluffy novel.....but it is a really great read!

From the Blurb:

A first love. A weighty secret. One last chance to make it right.

Adam is either the man Cade loves to hate or the man he hates to love, and it changes hourly. They’ve been stuck in a cycle of hookups and breakups since Adam’s infidelity ended their relationship four years ago. But when a guys’ trip to Hawaii results in the engagement of their close friends, Cade and Adam decide to give it one more shot—a real shot. Monogamy, dating, communication . . . the works. But Cade has a secret, and if Adam finds out, it could easily blow their fledgling relationship apart.

Adam knows this is his last chance with Cade, and he’s resolved to show he’s changed. He’s distanced himself from his toxic family, shed his immature ways, and become a thriving graphic designer. He’s determined to regain Cade’s trust and prove once and for all they are meant to be together. But in trying so hard to be the perfect boyfriend and support Cade through a family crisis, he might miss what’s happening right under his nose.

When Cade’s long-concealed eating disorder relapses, he faces a choice: confide in Adam and risk destroying their last chance to be together, or keep it hidden and risk his recovery. But if he can find the strength to forgive and have faith in Adam again, he might be able to have both.

Miki J's Review:

The Secrets We Keep sucked me in. I haven't read the first book (got this book as arc review) and it did throw me out a bit because there is a back story but after first couple of chapters it then focused on the 2 MC's that have a range of issues with their relationship. I loved this!! 

They have the love, it's actually getting the relationship to work. And then there are the issues with family etc - it comes from all directions. Trust & honesty - hard to get to sometimes but once there.....

The Secrets We Keep is a great book to read if you want a story with a bit more oomph.  It is the second book in the Love We Find series and can be read standalone.

Note - there could be triggers here...characters with bipolar, neglect issues (childhood) and anorexia 

Rating: 4 Stars