The Bigfoot's Mate by Delaney Rain

If you've ever wondered if Bigfoot would find love, then The Bigfoot's Mate by Delaney Rain is for you! Read what Red's Book Reads has to say about this "Romance in the Wild".
From the Blurb:
A Gay Erotic Paranormal Romance

54458725. sy475Anthropologist Ramsey Kaye survives a small plane crash in the forest, but is prevented from getting immediate help by injuries and bad weather. Though he’s out here looking for Bigfoot evidence, he’s still terrified when the real thing finds him taking shelter in the wrecked plane. But now he’s living in a cave with the hairy brute and discovering the big guy might not be so beastly after all. In fact, Ramsey might just be falling in love with Bigfoot.

Ramsey’s spent his life wanting to prove Bigfoot’s existence to the world, but now that he has all the evidence he could ever want, he’s not sure he wants to share. But what if people come looking for him, intent on rescuing him? Does he stay or go? Is love enough of a reason for Ramsey to abandon his modern life to remain here in the forest as Bigfoot’s mate?
Miki J.'s Review: 
This book is just a joy to read - not a shifter book but rather.....Two guys meet, get to know each other and fall in love....I found it to be romantic, sweet, a touch nerdy (I mean...he's found bigfoot !!). Don't be put off by how someone looks ! And with a couple of twists - The Bigfoot's Mate is a thoroughly good read !! 
Rating: 4.5 Stars