The Apprentice's Incubus by Diana Waters

The Apprentice's Incubus is a steamy, wonderful, and fun read. Find out why Miki J considers this book a great medieval fantasy that doesn't go too far over the top. 
From the Blurb:
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Used to life on the street, Finn never expected to be hired by a magician after saving him from a rival street gang—let alone a magician with a penchant for book hoarding and performing occasionally-exploding experiments. But Master Kestrall is a kind-hearted man, even if he sends Finn on far too many errands to the bookstore. After all, Finn is infatuated with Jonti, the master bookkeeper’s handsome apprentice. The only problem is, Finn has absolutely no experience in matters of the body and no idea how to go about acting upon his feelings. That all changes when, on one of his regular trips to the Crow’s Nest, Finn brings home a certain book that holds some very rare knowledge indeed—and when Finn accidentally-on-purpose summons an incubus into his midst, nothing will ever be the same again.
Miki J's Review: 
I enjoyed this book - basically about a boy and what he discovers about life along the way into adulthood. He's scrappy but honorable. The story itself is sweet, funny, poignant, first crush and heartache. Set in fantasy world/medieval times...a lovely read. 
Rating: 4 Stars