Surrendering Desire by Quinn Ward (Club DeSires book 3)

I will preface this with I have been a sucker for everything Quinn Ward writes and Surrendering Desire is no different.  I absolutely love the way the story flows, the characters interact and how Quinn knows just how much kink, heat and romance each book needs to make it perfect for the characters involved.

From the Author:

Working at Club DeSires gives Danny a shot at a new life. Blake is ready to offer him so much more, if only Danny submits to temptation?

With a broken heart and a full bank account, Danny hopped on a bus, determined to make a fresh start. Before entering another relationship like he wanted, he needed to prove to himself that he was capable of taking care of himself.

He's beginning to realize that's a lonely existence, but he's not sure he's ready to take a chance again.

Blake's creating a name for himself at Club DeSires as an educator and play partner without strings. The more he visits the club, the stronger the pull he feels to Danny, the young bartender whose pain is written all over his face. He's determined to get through to Danny, no matter what it takes.

When a meddling brat brings them together, sparks fly. Now, Blake needs to prove he can give Danny exactly what he needs while also helping him learn to stand on his own.

As Danny realizes just how capable he is, will he take off on his next adventure, or will Blake prove to be the man who will be by his side no matter where life takes them?

Heather's Review:

Danny is the sweetest boy in the world - he's a caregiver by nature and is trying to heal from a bad relationship and closes himself off in so many ways.  I love that Blake approaches Danny with so much care and consideration, although I was often with Danny wondering if Blake would ever make forward moves... luckily their friends and Danny himself take the reins occasionally and move the relationship along.    

As I said in the intro, the pacing, the characterization, the amount of BDSM, relationship talk and heat are so well balanced in this book that I didn't want to put it down, just push through to make sure both Danny and Blake got their HEA... 

Surrendering Desire can be read as a standalone if you are looking for a hurt/comfort, fairly traditional BDSM relationship with some medical kink, but honestly, you'll fall in love and need to go back and read the entire Annandale world series, so fair warning you may want to dive in and start with the first book in the series or the first books to be set in Annandale world, Marino's.  You could also check out Club 83, The Lodge or Talbert Hall series - they are all interconnected and honestly there is something for just about every kink from hardcore BDSM to sweet daddy romance...