Mafia Prince by Brea Alepoú & Wren Snow

A human mafia prince walks into a paranormal city. No joke, just a phenomenal co-write from Brea and Wren with the story of Porter and his harem of paranormal partners. Mafia Prince by Brea Alepoú & Wren Snow features a MMMMM harem.

From the Blurb:

Being the mafia boss’s son isn’t a life of luxury.

Porter has spent every waking moment trying to stay under the radar. To mold himself to his father’s wishes. Even if it meant burying the feminine part of himself six feet deep.

When it all becomes too much, Porter takes the first chance he can to escape. But what’s a tortured and pampered mafia prince really know about the outside world when he’s spent so long trapped in his own home?

Lost and afraid in Silvercross City, Porter is in over his head. There are creatures here that could kill him with a single glance. But anything is better than running back home to dear old sadistic dad.

Broke and out of options, he turns to a caring dragon and lands face-first into the job of a host. Seduction, fantasy, safety. It all awaits him at Paranormal delights and four men who might or might not be exactly what he needs.

Mafia Prince is a full-length 125k standalone novel. Please read the beginning of the book for content and trigger warnings.

Red's Book Reads Review:

I love both authors books separately however I originally wasn’t sure about reading a collaboration however this blew me away. I adored how Porter was so sweet but had this core of steel when he needed and the dynamic with the different men was just amazing. I loved how each man brought a different element to the group however they found they worked together as a whole. Mafia Prince was so well written and some parts had me desperately wanting to find out what happens next. I can’t wait to read the second book in the series which focuses on other characters mentioned in this book. Absolutely loved Mafia Prince

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

Porter never imagined that when he finally escaped his abusive Mafia dad he would end up finding his men. 

Porter has had a really rough life, his dad constantly abuses him, verbally, physically and mentally. His dad also sends other people to abuse him as well, his dad also told someone to s3xually abuse his own son. So, after Porter finally has had enough he leaves. He ends up in a sketchy area with other predators and the man who saves him is Arden. The man owns and runs a bar that's a safe haven to everyone in need, but it's primarily for supernaturals. 

After working there for a while he gets to know all of his fellow co workers. Oz, the day walker who doesn't talk much, Foi the Werewolf who is constantly getting on Jagan's nerves, Jagan who's a tiger shifter and needs control, and last but certainly not least is Cy, sweet, amd spicy Cy. He ends up falling for all of them and all of them dall for him right back. They have yo figure out everyone's quirks and wants and their needs, along with trying to figure out how to keep Porter safe from his abusive dad.

I just have to say I loved how this book was written, I've never read anything written in the style that this was. Each and every character had their own point of view which I loved! We got to know how each character was thinking and how they were reacting, instead of wondering how they felt during a certain moment.

This was all written really, really well. I was drawn in and completely invested from the first chapter! I needed to know what happened for all of these characters. Spooky was a twist I wasn't expecting but loved! I need his and Arden's story so bad. 

I do have to mention that this should have some trigger warnings. If you don't like reading about on page abuse and sexual assault I would proceed with caution. I also wasn't expecting this to have elements of bdsm in this. I'm usually not a fan of that but I could overlook that because this was still so good. This book was dark, and gritty and unique and everyone ended up getting their happily ever after.

I highly recommend this!! 

Rating: 5 Stars