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by Saxon James

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: November 8, 2021

Cover Design: Story Styling Cover Designs
Genre: M/M College Romance
Trope: Rivals to lovers, forbidden love


We’re basically Romeo and Juliet. But dudes. And without all the dying.


Being VP of Sigma Beta Psi is wild. I get all the benefits of being in charge with hardly any of the responsibility.

Parties, pranks, and frat politics—college life has never been sweeter.

Until I meet Bailey Prince.

He has the face of a goddamn angel. I don’t know where he came from or why I’m so obsessed.

But I do know he’s a Kappa.

And our houses have a rivalry that’s written into legend.


At Rho Kappa Tau, I’m a legacy.

It’s a lot of pressure, but I’ve always been responsible, never had that rebellious need to rock the boat, and I like it that way.

But after a party at Sigma—the jock frat—I meet Chad Doomsen, and for the first time in my life I want to step outside my square.

Our houses have always had a rivalry, but some of the guys seem to hate Chad specifically, and I don’t know why.

He’s surprisingly sweet and kind. At least to me.

I need to stay away. A relationship with Chad would be betraying the very legacy that brought me here.

But I can’t help myself. And it seems, neither can he.

Frat Wars is a romance between MCs from rival houses. It has friendly competitions, no hazing, and a swoony romance kept secret.

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I perch on one side of the couch, and he switches on the desk lamp before taking the other side. We’re so close that when he angles toward me and stretches his arm over the back of the couch, his hand brushes my hair.

I swallow.

“I haven’t done this in a while,” frat boy says. His voice is deep and rumbly, and it might as well be a flute with how quickly my cock rises at the sound.

“Done what?”

“Ah …” His dark gaze darts away, and the same uncertain look he gave me earlier returns. I’m not sure if he’s nervous, or if I haven’t been obvious enough, so I might as well help him out.

“Hooked up, you mean?” I eye his impressive muscles. “I find that hard to believe.”

A relieved smile fills his face that sets off all these little nerves in my stomach. He looks all big and badass, but there’s something almost shy under his dude-bro first impression. “Hooked up … with a guy.”

“But you have before?” I’m not in the business of dealing with bi-curious guys. In my experience, they take up more time than I have to give.

“Don’t worry, I more than know what I’m doing.”

“Thank fuck. Playing teacher isn’t my kink.”

Something sparks behind his eyes. “You don’t wanna reward me for extra credit?”

“That came way too easily for you.”

“I’ve been around.”

I tilt my head. “Are you bi, or …”

“Yep. You?”

“Full blown homo.”

“So I take it you’ve done this before too?” He reaches over and rests his hand on my thigh. “This okay?”

Damn, he’s precious. I love this whole bashful bad boy thing he’s got going on. Instead of answering, I reach for his hand and slide it up my leg until he’s palming my erection through my pants.

This okay?” I tease.

“Fuck.” He gives me a squeeze before a soft laugh falls from his lips. “I’m so nervous all of a sudden.”

“Nervous?” I don’t mean to sound so cynical, but come on. “Does that line actually work on people?”

“What? I am.”

“Uh huh.” I grab his shoulders and swing my leg over his lap until I’m straddling him. This close up, I hear his sharp inhale. My lips find his ear. “Still nervous, big guy?”

“If I am, I’m suddenly too turned on to care.”

“Much better.” I go to kiss him, but he tilts his head back and reaches up to cup my face. “Problem?”

He shakes his head. “You’re just so … pretty.”

A trickle of annoyance passes through me. “And?”

“I can’t stop looking at you.”

His voice has dropped with awe, and I frown as I puzzle out whether this is another pick up line. His face is so open though, his eyes soft as his stare traces my features. I want to believe him, but this is college and people will say anything to get laid.

“You can drop the flattery. I’m not going anywhere.”

He leans forward and nips my bottom lip. “Good. I hate rushing through the fun things in life, and I have a feeling I’m going to want a follow up.”

“We’re on the same page then.”

“Kissing okay?”

I card my fingers through his hair. “It’s the only way to start.”

His warm breath hits my skin a second before his mouth is on mine. His lips are cold and at war with the warm tongue he sweeps into my mouth. He tastes like sugar from the soda he’s been drinking.

For how nervous he apparently was, the kiss is borderline desperate. He groans as he presses forward, tilting me back under the force of it. Then suddenly his arms wrap around me and I’m being hauled back against his body. He leans against the couch and when I kiss him back, I’m just as needy for more. I’m glad he said there’s the possibility of round two, because while he might not want to rush, my dick has other ideas.

It needs to be touched.

“How pathetic am I if I come in the next five minutes?” I murmur against his mouth.



“Whether I beat you to it. Because fuck I don’t think it’ll take long.”

Excellent. It feels good to know I’m not the only one being driven mad here. His business shirt is unbuttoned halfway and the sliver I can make out of his chest, makes me want more. I hurry to reach for the rest of the buttons, and as soon as his shirt is open, I can’t help splaying my fingers over his abs.

“Fair warning, I don’t have any of these.”

“That’s okay, I have enough muscle for the both of us.”

“I’ll say.” I want to lick them. “Your body’s unreal.”

“Eh.” He reaches for my buttons and I meet him halfway. “I work hard, but …” He pushes my shirt off my shoulders. “This.” His fingers run from my throat, down to the sensitive skin on my stomach. “This turns me on so much.”

I look down at my scrawny, too pale body. “You need to watch more porn.”

He chuckles, and I cut the sound off with my mouth, giddy with the feel of his warm skin flush against mine this time. I’m desperate to get to our pants, to feel his dick gliding along my length.

I’ve reached for his zipper, fingers brushing an impressive erection, when someone pounds on the door so hard it makes me jump.

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Saxon James unapologetically writes happy endings for LGBT+ characters.

While not writing, SM is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.

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