Big Boy by Skyler Snow

I enjoyed Big Boy and I read it in one sitting.  While this book tackles some heavy topics around eating disorders and fat-shaming, the love story itself is sweet and uplifting.

From the Blurb:

Carter's having the worst time of his life. He's lost his job, his mother won't stop asking him about his love life, and he's the butt of every overweight joke in the book. Knowing he can't control everything he decides to change what he can and lose the weight. Maybe then he can find the Daddy he's always dreamed of.

Samuel loves his job as a personal trainer. Finding ways to help people reach their goals fulfills him. Until he meets Carter. It's one thing to want to change yourself, but when he sees the man is only doing it to appease everyone around him, Samuel refuses to let that happen. Because Carter is already beautiful exactly the way he is.

A man with image issues. Another who wants to give him the world. Together they're a Daddy and boy that need each other. But can Carter learn to love himself before he loves Samuel?

Big Boy contains triggers of disordered eating and fat shaming. Please do not read if you are sensitive to the subject. Check the inside before you read please!

Heather's Review:

Carter and Samuel are great characters, well developed and sweet.   The Daddy dynamic is a little unusual, as Sam is younger than Carter, but I like that it doesn't conform to typical norms.  I also like the pace of the book for the most part - it's not insta-love, but a development of feelings over a protracted period of time.  

That being said, there were some places I thought that the story could use some tightening and some more judicious editing for pacing and extraneous fluff, but overall it was a good read and I love that the characters were real and dealt with issues that many people face.  

This book can definitely be read as standalone, as the side characters play a very minor role in the book and you don't need any back story to appreciate the story in Big Boy

If you're looking for a book with an atypical daddy and a sweet middle/boy and lots of video games, you'll enjoy Big Boy.