A Little Bit Naughty by Reese Morrison

 A Little Bit Naughty is a sweet and beautiful story of a boy overcoming his fears and finding his daddy.

From the Author: 

Remi has a plan. Head to a singles weekend in the Oregon mountains near his home. Finally find the right guy to be his partner and baby boy. Live happily ever after. The only problem? The naughty, irresistible little he meets lives on the other side of the country.

Isaac has a plan. Finish his degree. Finish his residency. Then find a Daddy who will love all of him and accept his transgender status. The only problem? When he gets to the Cuffd Destinations weekend, the perfect Daddy is already there.

A Little Bit Naughty has a stubborn boy who’s not as confident in his body as he’d like to be and a determined Daddy who adores him anyway. It also has canoe trips, a stuffed dino named Roar-y, age play, a little bit of naughtiness, and an HEA.

This book is part of the Destination Daddies multi-author series. It shares characters with Reese’s other book, All Tied Up, though each book in the series can be read as a standalone. There are so many destinations and Daddies to discover, why not grab them all?

Reds Book Reads Review and Rating:

This book was just amazing and I was hooked from start to finish. I loved how raw and open Issac was and how respectful Remi was of him and his boundaries. I fell in love with how cute and adorable Izzy was and I just wanted to give him a hug sometimes! This book is the second one written by Reese within the Destination Daddies series and it was lovely to properly meet some of the characters who were mentioned in the first book. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review and Rating:

I love that this book takes two sweet characters and lets us learn more about them than their kinks... Remi is definitely a caregiver daddy, family man and Chemical Engineer and I love that he doesn't push Isaac beyond his comfort zone, but let's him set the pace for their interactions.  He's intuitive and intelligent, open and caring.  Isaac is such a multi-dimensional character - PhD student, physiotherapist and a little who regresses to multiple ages and stages, is Jewish and oh yeah, he's also trans.  

Reese Morrison is able to weave their story, their history, their world views and their family lives into the book and bring these characters to life.  This book is fairly low angst and very sweet, but deep in ways you don't often see from daddy/little stories.    This is definitely one more Destination Daddies book that I will continue to recommend...

Rating: 5 Stars