10 Things about Vinni George - An Author Interview

I am so excited to feature another willing victim, I mean author in the 10 Things Hot seat!  Let's see what Vinni George has to share:

Plot or Pants? Do you pre-plot your books, use an outline, fly by the seat of your pants or some combination of things? How do you keep track of characters in a series? Do you keep a journal of your characters’ statistics, such as hair and eye color, relatives, hometown, etc.
I am a plantser. I usually plot out the major elements of the story and then kind of go where things take me to get back to those major elements. I tried to pants my first novel and got about three-quarters of the way through and needed to go back and plot out the second half. It worked well, so I adopted that strategy for my next stories.

Tell us about your first… published M/M fiction/romance
My first MM romance is Hold the Door. It is a second-chance, friends-to-lovers story where the main characters--Sam and Max--were friends in college until a kiss under some plastic mistletoe made things awkward and Max had to leave school for family reasons. They don’t see each other for years until they end up working for the same company after a merger and they have to confront their pasts in order to build a future.

The story is set in San Diego because it is one of my favorite cities in the world and Sma and Max bond over surfing lessons because I’ve always wanted to learn to surf even though I don’t think I have the coordination required for the sport.

and then your most recent one..
My most recent MM romance is a short called Story Hour that features a shirtless librarian, an uptight engineer, and Drag Queen Story Hour. This one is a nod to Chicago, another of my favorite cities, and is inspired by a friend of mine who met her fiance at a local Pride parade a few years ago. Story Hour is set adjacent to the Open Doors world introduced in Hold the Door (and the novella Door Number Two), and some characters will make an appearance in an upcoming secret project.

I’m currently working on Archer and Fletcher’s story, which is an enemies-to-lovers story with a side of sassy aging drag queen (think Leslie Jordan in a seven-inch heel). Archer is Sam’s snarky work husband in Hold the Door and Fletcher is the enigmatic owner of the local surf shop. Their story, Revolving Door, is available for preorder and releases December 18.

Do you write full time or part-time?
I write part-time, but I’m never far from MM romance as I spend my day job hours editing MM romance.

Something people would be surprised to know about you
I am an award-winning burlesque performer and pin-up model.

Where do you write? Do you have a routine?
I usually write in a comfy chair somewhere in my house with my lap desk. I try to write first thing in the morning so I get my words in before I start on my day job.

What are your writing goals for the next year? The future?
My writing goals for next year include putting out a series of short novels (35-55K) that will focus on queer rep including but beyond MM. I have some really exciting things planned for this series.

I also have one more full-length novel planned for the Open Doors series that will be out somewhere in the early part of 2022.

Who’s your biggest supporter/cheerleader?
My biggest supporter/cheerleader is definitely my husband. He to me plot out ideas and is usually the first person to read a draft of whatever I’m working on. We met in an English/Women’s Studies course in college, and he pursued a creative writing focus, so he’s a great source of feedback and he’s a good sport for reading romance, even though it’s not his favorite genre. He also picks up all the slack around the house when I’m deep in the writing cave.

Where do you find inspiration?
I do a lot of people watching and like to think up stories for people I see interacting. Pickings have been a little slim during the pandemic, so I’ve found inspiration in some weird places like the freezer section at the grocery store and at my son’s soccer practice.

How can we connect with you?
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