Thack's Angel by BA Tortuga

I really enjoyed Thack's Angel with some caveats.


Demon Thackery has been running the actual rodeo show at the Midnight Rodeo since anyone can remember. He has a damn good life on earth: he loves his job, he has good friends, and he has a personal assistant who understands that a good horn rub has nothing to do with sex. Only one thing is missing. His angel Uriel, who disappeared years ago without even a goodbye.

When Uri rides into the Midnight Rodeo on his Harley, he has the sense that he’s been there before. And when the regulars see him, they know that the proverbial stuff is about to hit the fan. Thack is going to lose it when he sees Uri. Except that Uri can’t remember anything about his past, and he has no idea why he left.

Uri knows one thing for sure when he sees Thack; that he big demon is his mate. Period. Even if someone wants to keep them apart, now that Uri is back, there will be no separating them. Or at least that’s the plan. Can they get Uri’s memory back and keep everything else together?

My Review:

This is the first book I’ve read by this author. It is the 12th in the series and presented as a standalone story and it does work that way, but I believe you would get more enjoyment if you knew the other characters before you started this one.

It’s a quick read, only took me a few hours to finish it. I really enjoyed the intense and almost explosive connection between Thack and Uri. This is definitely a high heat book.

The trouble I had with the story was the odd writing style and speech patterns. At first I thought maybe it was because I was reading and uncorrected proof but I went back and looked at the reviews for the first book and it seems like this may be an ongoing issue. There were random words missing places odd phrasing of certain things. It just felt a little bit off but I still enjoyed the story overall.

Another thing that felt wrong was the resolution of the mystery. Someone had kidnapped Uri and he lost his memory. The journey to his recovered memory and catching the villain was super rushed. In my opinion there was a huge missed opportunity to really develop this story and these characters. I would have loved to see some of Thack and Uri’s history, and have the conflict developed further.

I realize I’ve outlined more complaints than complements for Thack's Angel but truly, it is a great story. I enjoy a good demon/angel pairing anytime. And this was no exception. If you can read this book more as smut than storyline you’ll be fine. If mechanical errors in writing really bother you this book probably isn’t for you.

Character development: 7/10 (I loved both Thack and Uri, but I would have loved to see them more developed)

Plot: 7/10 (rushed, but good for a quick sexy read)

Mystery: 6/10 (The mystery of the villain was build up well, but then resolved way too fast)

World building: 8/10 (The world in this particular book was not explained in-depth but I would think that if you had read the whole series it would probably make more sense. Even so this world is entertaining)

Heat: 9/10 (for a relatively short book this is very high heat. I would say a good 70% is sex scenes. No complaints from me on that!)

Writing: 6/10 (strange phrasing, missing words, and fast pace)

Overall: 9/10 (would recommend, rated for erotica and not story development)


Aspen Tree E.A.S.