Tapped by My Roommate by DJ Jamison - Dual ReviewTapped by My Roommate

Tapped by My Roommate is the sweetest book yet in the Thrust Into Love Series!  Whether you've read the first two books or not, you'll want to add this to your TBR ASAP!

From the Author:

Ethan Greene: Shy geek, newly bi-curious, and...propositioning his gay roommate?

I have a passion for a lot of things: wildlife biology, Godzilla, bowties...
But when it comes to people, I'm more timid.
Which is why I'm stuck with a toxic ex-girlfriend who's holding my lizard hostage.

I need to face her--and save my dignity.
But a little backup won't hurt, right?

My roommate is the perfect wingman.
Rhett is assertive and charismatic. The kind of guy people respect.
And when he meets my toxic ex, he's also the kind of guy to get protective.

I take comfort in his strength, even as I envy it.
But when he kisses me, things get awkward.

Frustrated by the tension between us, I turn to a hookup app for answers.
I don't mean to proposition my roommate. Really.
It's just a weird fluke--a mortifying one.

But Rhett has a proposition of his own.
He wants to help me explore my curiosity.
But he's a bartender who practically flirts for a living, and I'm in way over my head.

It could all end in heartbreak.
Unless I find the courage I've been seeking my whole life.
Can I be bold enough to ask Rhett Hayes to be mine?

Tapped by My Roommate is Book 3 of the Thrust into Love series featuring a flirty bartender, a timid but passionate geek, and a mistaken app hookup that encourages these two roommates to explore friendship and love. It can be read as a standalone.

Reds Book Reads Review:

I think this might be my favourite book in the series so far. I love a roommate to lovers story anyway and this one has to be one of the sweetest I’ve read in a long time. Rhett is a bartender at Tracks and full time student at the local university and Ethan is a student and animal rescue volunteer. They start out as roommates but after a drunken kiss, Ethan starts questioning his sexuality and turns to a hookup app to explore more and accidentally matches with his roommate Rhett. 

Tapped by My Roommate was so well written and I really loved Ethan - I always have a soft spot for the adorkable ones! I loved how they each helped the other develop as a person and become stronger and overcome personal trials

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Heather's Review

OMG, I just want to cuddle up with Rhett and Ethan all over again already!  Ethan always describes himself as shy and awkward, but honestly, I think what draws me in to the book over and over again is Rhett's insecurity and shyness about over-reaching and pushing Ethan... Both characters are so well written and true to life, you feel like you've moved into their apartment with them and are a fly on the wall while they work, play and deal with Ethan's Ex and Rhett's family...

There is nothing about this book I didn't love - I've already gushed about the characters, but the pace, length and heat level are perfectly matched to the storyline and I never once in the story wanted to hurry it along or felt like I was missing out on the action.   There was a perfect integration of side characters and they helped to motivate and flesh out the story, without overwhelming you.  

Tapped by My Roommate is an amazing bi-sexual awakening, friends to lovers trope that remembers that the characters are still new adults, but new adults.  If you are looking for a sweet romance that builds slowly as the characters explore and learn about themselves, than Tapped by My Roommate needs to be moved to the top of your TBR.  This book can easily be read as standalone, however you really need to check out my 5 Star reviews of book 1, Swiped by My Dad's Best Friend and book 2, Matched By My Rival

Rating: If you can't guess from my words, 5/5 Stars


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