Skeletal Equation by AE Lister 5 Stars!

If you are looking for a kinky three-way this Halloween, you need to add Skeletal Equation to your TBR right now!  It is finally released on Amazon!

From the Author:

What do medical kink, pup play and Halloween have in common? Scott Vernier. A visit to the local leather bar offers an unexpected treat!

Scott Vernier is lonely and bored, but he’d rather sit at home and mope than go out. A promise to a friend forces him to attend the annual Halloween party at Sonny’s, his local leather bar. Amid the tacky costumes and seasonal desperation, Scott meets two people he never expected to encounter.

Can a man well-versed in medical kink and his leather-pup boyfriend introduce Scott to a whole new world of illicit pleasure?

When Dr. Jericho Griffin gets down to business, Scott finds himself responding in explosive ways.

My Review:

You can pack a lot of kink into a short story and AE Lister has done just that!  Combining Puppy Play with hotter than hot medical kink and a potential for a HEA between three consenting men, and you have a novella that will sure to bring the heat to your Halloween!    

The book is well written, fast paced and worth both the price and time to enjoy a brief foray into Skeletal Equation!