Not A Horror Movie - Audio Book Review

 We are so excited to have Laora join the MM Romance Reviewed team as an audio book reviewer!   Her first review is also our very first Audio review, so welcome Laora!  

From the Author:

Emory Jones loves two things: horror movies and Connor Nichols.

For the past four years, Emory, Connor, and their families have vacationed side by side on Longboat Key, Florida. Eighteen-year-old Emory has pined for his neighbor from behind the covers of Stephen King books, but college boy Connor has never noticed him. Probably because Emory looks like Jack Skellington with good hair.

Emory anticipates another predictable summer of sunburn and disappointment. Instead, he ends up with a mystery on his hands when a beloved beach bum goes missing, and Connor volunteers to help with the search. Turns out it’s not just scary movie cops who are worthless, so the boys start an investigation of their own - leading them straight to an abandoned beach resort.

Despite the danger, Emory and Connor grow closer, but as Emory’s gay dreams start coming true, so do the horror movie tropes he so loves. Even though he knows that sex equals death in slasher flicks, Emory can’t keep his hands off the guy of his teenage dreams.

This Is Not a Horror Movie is a 78,000-word new adult gay rom-com...with a monster.

Laora's Review:

A young romance with horror on the side

I am not a horror fan at all, but was intrigued by this story. Emory and Connor have been neighbours during he summer holiday for several years and Emory has been pining for Connor for all that time. It turns out this year things change. The book is set in a seaside resort town where there is a derelict hotel 'The Resort' where the youth hangs out to do there thing. Once a local homeless veteran seems to have disappeared and blood is found, it turns out the place is possessed.

I won't spoil the plot but it becomes clear how it became that way and who sustains it and has a scary movie worthy bloody final.

The book has a lot of innuendo and almost an equal amount of horror references, even I spotted a fair bit of them. The story has a hfn ending.

The narrator, Blake Lockheart, was new to me and was a pleasant discovery. He did a great job and brought the story to life.


Overall 4/5 Stars

Performance 5/5 Stars

Story 4/5 Stars

Reviewer's Bio:

Laora is a European girl who loves to read and listen to audiobooks.  Her reviews can be found on Audible UK, Amazon (Dutch/International) and here on MM Romance Reviewed